Time Magazine Lists Their Top 50 Video Games Of All-Time

Time, the well established and respected magazine, have listed their 50 greatest video games of all-time. While no list is perfect, Time’s countdown does include many of the most beloved video games. As always, many Nintendo games made the cut. The top ten are below, but you can read the whole list here. Do you agree with the rankings? Tell us below.

10. World of Warcraft
9. The Oregon Trail
8. Super Mario Bros.
7. The Legend of Zelda
6. Minecraft
5. Ms. Pacman
4. Doom
3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
2. Super Mario 64
1. Tetris



    1. Tetras was just as fun as super mario 64. It is their opinion list. You can write one and people will agree and disagree with it. It is no such thing as a factual top anything unless it is supported by numbers and the top whatever states that it is by the numbers.

        1. I had as much fun with tetris as I did with super mario 64. I’m just a different type of guy. That is my opinion so no facts in that either.

    2. I agree with Tetris. As a kid, it was the most fun you’d get out of a handheld system that wasn’t ping-pong. It also was pretty intense as you went higher through the levels. It was just that seller for the gameboy as mario 64 was for the N64. Tetris was just the game at the time that pushed handheld as it is today. Is it number one 1 maybe. Is it my number 1. Maybe too.

  1. ||Since Tetris is what the human Rootgamer called me a few times, I’m assuming it’s me so yes I’m number one…||

  2. It looks like impact and importance is the biggest factor for their list. Should have been renamed as a Greatest Games list and not a Best Games one.

      1. I know, but the methodologies are different. “Best Games” considers way more factors than just impact and importance, like how a game’s aged (e.g. GoldenEye has aged rather poorly), whether it was surpassed on its own console/generation (e.g. SMB 3 over SMB or Sonic 2 over Sonic), how technically impressive it was for its console/generation (e.g. F-Zero or Banjo-Kazooie), etc. “Greatest Games” is merely about what its place in gaming history is. There is no other reason to put Tetris in this list as Tetris DS is generally considered to be the definitive version of the game.

        1. I agree. All top list are not needed. It never make sense when based on opininons. They probably didn’t think about those qualifications.

  3. World of Warcraft and The Oregon Trail are computer games, not a video games…

    Glad that Super Mario 64 and LoZ: Ocarina of Time are on there, but I’m surprised that Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Final Fantasy, or Banjo Kazooie didn’t make it. Heck, where’s Pokémon, DK Country or Sonic the Hedgehog?
    Actually, this “top 10 list” kind of sucks…

    1. Computer games are video games. Video games are computer games. Video game systems are closed compuers.

      1. I always thought that “video” referenced how it connects to the TV through video/audio cables. I was given crap as a kid when I called PC games “video games.” We just called video games and PC games, in general, as “games.” I guess that has changed now?

        1. ||Technically you’re right, there is a reason to why it’s called VIDEO||

    2. If those aren’t video games because they are on PC, you’d have to accuse Witcher 3 & the Doom franchise of not being video games since they are also playable on computers.

  4. I was gonna say “Minecraft beat Zelda!? Bull fucking shit!” Then I noticed Ocarina of Time was #3. xD

    As for Tetris being #1, I’m perfectly okay with that! It was quite the fun, addictive game back in the day.

      1. Ultimately, it’s their list, not mine. And since I’m a fan of Tetris, I can get behind them claiming it’s their #1 favorite game of all time. It could have easily have been mine if I didn’t get into video games with a story.

  5. What’s with the disdain for Tetris? I have to honestly wonder how long many of you have actually been gaming if you consider Tetris to be a bad game for a top 10 list.

    1. I’ve been gaming since the Atari 2600 and I despise Tetris. Is it a badly made game? No, not badly made. It’s brilliantly made and marketed. Do I like the game? No, I despise it. A game can be well made and still not appeal to someone.

          1. You missed the entire point of the game if those are the things you hate about Tetris. And it’s not a game without purpose. The reason it’s repetitive & never ending is because you are supposed to strive for a high score. It’s exactly like the original Pac-Man but more puzzle based. But least you have a reason.

            1. I’ll add boring to my list of reasons. But as far as me missing the point of the game? No. It’s my opinion based on playing it. If there is some point I didn’t get, it is irrelevant to my despising it.

  6. My top 10 list

    1. Tetris
    2. Tetris DS
    3. Dr. Mario
    4. Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
    5. Tetris
    6. Dr. Luigi
    7. Tetris DS
    8. Link’s Crossbow Training
    9. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival
    10. Pokemon Puzzle League

  7. Does anyone else feel that Super Mario Sunshine was more fun than Super Mario 64? I have so many more memories of Sunshine than of SM64. The only thing that bothered me about Sunshine was those weird Pianta characters, and not being set within the Mushroom Kingdom. Then again, that was part of the magic. It truly felt as if Mario was on vacation in a new land.

    1. I agree. Super Mario Sunshine is kind of an underrated game and often overlooked, due to Super Mario 64. I like both games equally for different aspects, but I liked how refreshing Super Mario Sunshine was and I prefer it over the Galaxy series. Hopefully they’ll make a sequel for the NX; I can see it having a lot of potential on it.

    2. I love both equally. Mario 64 for being the first Mario game like it & Sunshine for… well for being Sunshine. lol

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