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Palutena amiibo Is Getting A Restock

Nintendo has updated the Children’s Product Certificate for the Palutena amiibo, which means you’ll soon be given another chance to grab one. The Kid Icarus-themed interactive figure was originally released in July 2015, alongside Dark Pit. Both are compatible with several Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games, including Super Smash Bros. The Children’s Product Certificate for the Lucina amiibo was recently updated as well.


37 thoughts on “Palutena amiibo Is Getting A Restock”

  1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    I would suggest a Wii fit trainer restock, but the game in question fails to utilize it. I dont care that the first wave of amiibo was released 7 months after Wii fit U had been released. It’s the principle of the matter.

    1. It is called “Super Smash Bros. collection”, game in question utilizes the amiibo as well as any other.

      But just out of curiosity, what would you hope the amiibo would do for the game?
      Though it is a nice bonus to get things in games like Hyrule Warriors, but I could not think of anything a fitness game could offer with amiibo.

      1. It would be kind of funny if the WFT amiibo had a special pedometer installed so you could carry it in your pocket all day and then when you get home you can touch her to the gamepad and she can tell you how many steps you took and how many calories were burnt lol

      2. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

        I’d imagine the amiibo would unlock the classic yoga costume the trainer wore in the original Wii fit. Especially since she dawns in on the amiibo and Smash. And hopefully an option to choose her hair. She changes it periodically and there are days when she just chooses really awful hair styles that ruin the experience. They censor entire outfits for games so I imagine adding an alternate costume to a finished game would be a cake walk for the men and women of Nintendo.

        1. Guess that would be a nice touch.
          But intended audiences don’t meet that well for SSB, amiibo and Wii Fit.
          If they didn’t have that many pokewalkers to get rid off, they could have very well made Wii Fit pedometer to use nfc instead of Ir.

  2. Well, I bought Amiibo simply for the collectable factor. The moment they started restocking rare Amiibo, I lost interest in buying anymore of them. There are no longer any rare Amiibo, they are all obtainable. Which is good for people that want to buy Amiibo for their functionality, but lets face it, very few people purchased them for their functionality. From a collectors point of view, there was an urge to try and get the hard to find Amiibo, and it was this rarity that made collecting them fun. Now that thats gone, so is my interest in Amiibo.

      1. I got lucky and obtained half of those, I still need Lucina and WFT. Having notifications turned on for Amiibo News and Amiibo Alerts on twitter is very helpful.

      2. Lucina is getting restocked, so she will be available soon enough. I saw a Pit somewhere not so long ago, and Im sure you could find Wii Fit and Robin with a little online searching. No Amiibo is rare anymore.

          1. Yea, I want all three. I’m missing about 15 to complete the Smash set. I guess I could track them down… I just didnt really like the re-stock. I went above and beyond to get some of the rarest Amiibo (at the time) just for them to restock later and make them lose all their value… I understand it from a business stand point. Nintendo did the right thing, but from a collectors view point it really made me lose interest in getting them all,,, Maybe I will anyways..

    1. I last saw him trolling the Rosalina fans on Smashboards with a secondary account (which may have gotten him permabanned the second time since that’s against the rules).

      Other than that, I haven’t heard from him in a while other than his usual YouTube shitposts about Nintendo and “hentai” characters.

      1. Store exclusives are ‘Murican thing.
        Though it is trying to get on UK market as well. And GameStop is trying to get it in to rest of Europe.

  3. I need to get all of them! My questions about the Lucina amiibo still have not got an answer, when and where will these two be stocked? A local store? GameStop? BestBuy? Better NOT be Amazon as I DO NOT have an Amazon account as I’m not a online buyer-type of person. Hopefully we will hear some answers from Nintendo soon.

  4. Already got Palutena. I’m waiting for news on a restock of Meta Knight. Screw the Kirby line version as it was too generic for my tastes.

      1. More like official souvenirs made by Nintendo themselves. I would use some of them on occasion if I was actually playing Nintendo games right now but I’ve been focused on PS4 to get rid of the bad taste of Wii U. And the occasional usage of my 3DS.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||If it’s only collectibles, perhaps I can help you obtain the ones you are missing if you don’t care about zones…||

          1. I’m perfectly fine with waiting right now. I haven’t hit that “Ugh! I’m sick of waiting! I’ll just go import the amiibo I want since NintenD’OH! *facepalm* of ‘Muridiots are too stupid to do it right!” yet.

  5. More importantly, when is Palutena & Lucina getting their restocks released, where to find them, & if there are even gonna be good stocks of them & not the utter shitfest it was starting out.

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