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Emily Rogers: Nintendo Plans To Support Nintendo 3DS Through 2018

Emily Rogers is reporting that Nintendo plans to support the popular Nintendo 3DS with software through till 2018. We already know that the Nintendo NX, which appears to be both the successor to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, is due to arrive in March 2017. There’s no indication of large first party titles coming to the platform once the Nintendo NX releases, but we could get a number of spin-offs and games that have yet to be localised for western territories.



    1. The GBA and DS coexisted untill 2007. Nintendo didn’t develop new games for it, but they did publish some titles here and there, if I’m not mistaken. It’s not unprecedented.

      That said, all these rumors have been contradicting each other for a while now. This is the first time that Emily mentions something that doesn’t fall in line with the rest of things she’s said, though.

    1. Pokemon B&W was released 1 year after 3DS’ launch. …Then we had B2&W2. Ubisoft still releases Just Dances for the OG Wii.

      1. Gamefreak tends not to immediately jump to the new system, so Pokemon was still releasing for DS, but it was still forwards-compatible with 3DS. We don’t know if the NX will play 3DS games or not, which might change things

      2. Black and White came before the 3DS’ launch, actually. BW was released on Sept. 30th 2010 in Japan and March 4th through the 10th 2011 for all other regions, while the 3DS first launched in Japan on February 26th 2011 and March 27th through 31st for everywhere.

  1. The upcoming direct will be a declaration of intentions when it comes to the 3DS. If it’s only information about upcoming games, this will turn out to be false. If we get some localizations or even brand-new reveals, however (especially if those are first-party games), I’ll believe it.

    1. Why would it be about games that’s not coming out this holiday? The 3DS direct is for games this holiday. They may speak of a Quarter 1 game but that’s probably as far as this direct will go.

        1. ||I’m expecting a pricecut of the N3DS if they don’t announce exclusive weapons for it…||

            1. ||Never underestimate the power of pricecuts, specially not when it comes to our handheld weaponry…||

              ||They may also create bundles to entice the still unclaimed…||

              1. Agreed Commander, and furthermore price-cuts are a good way to put the casual and the young masses onto the right path: the Nintendo path.
                Those groups are most easily lured in at their Holidays’ shopping, and then the sign with a price-cut product, cleverly named “New” 3DS I might add (as that crowd doesn’t know beforehand if it’s going to be succeeded soon or not), and will no doubt catch their eyes.

                1. ||Your point depends on when the NX will be unleashed…||

                  ||If it’s not released before this human year’s end, then High Command will promote current machines to the civilian masses or warriors wanting cheaper late purchases…||

                  ||Those who want the NX will be getting it no matter the price, warriors are often the first in line in every generation, this will be no different regardless of what the NX will be for them…||

                  ||That’s the perfect design, the pawns will always go first…||

        2. There was a new announcement at E3. Ever Oasis. That’s natural for them to say that. They will support the device a year after the new one is release.

          1. Ever Oasis is stated for an early (Q1, I think) 2017 release. What about the rest of the year? That’s what I’m referring to. If Nintendo show interest in publishing more of their own 3DS titles after Q1, then I’ll believe what Emily says. If there’s no such an announcement, I’ll just assume it’s the regular fanfare we hear every generation and that third-party studios will carry all the weight of the later part of the console’s lifespan.

                    1. You may laugh but we don’t know what Nintendo is planning. Wii U still have Bloodstained, Yooka Laylee, and other games coming.

  2. I think the 3ds will last a little longer than 2018 plus they clearly said it’s NOT a replacement for either Wii u or 3ds.

      1. I think they wont fuck up with that
        the wii u i ca understand although i love the system but what will Nintendo have to fall back on If the the Nx Flops? if it does thearetically speaking cease prodution of 3ds games and the consoles?

      1. Rumors say hybrid but the information rumors are stating is just a handheld with TV capabilities. Something portable devices have been able to do.

    1. Actually, scratch that. This is the list of Nintendo-published titles for the GBA AFTER the DS was released:

      ·The bit Generation series
      ·DK King of Swing
      ·Donkey Kong Country 3
      ·Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
      ·Drill Dozer
      ·Mario Tennis: Power Tour
      ·Mother 3
      ·Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
      ·Polarium Advance
      ·Rhythm Heaven
      ·The Tower SP
      ·WarioWare: Twisted!
      ·Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation

      Much better than their support for the 3DS this year, if you ask me.

  3. This gal is on a roll right now. She. Just. Won’t. Stop. Talking.

    That aside, I wouldn’t mind this being true since the 3DS is the only thing from Nintendo I have any faith in right now.

  4. We’ll probably finish off gen 7 with another game or two in the next couple years and that’ll cap off the 3DS’s support much like Black and White 2’s release pretty well ending the DS’s lifeline of good games…..with the exception of Olaf’s Quest of course :^)

    1. Don’t worry, there’s no way Pikmin 4 is a 3DS game. They tried to make one, but ditched the idea in the prototype stage due to the 3DS’s limited capabilities to run such a game. Unless it’s a N3DS exclusive, which would be suicide, it’s a pretty safe bet that it will be part of the NX’s catalog.

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