Emily Rogers Says An NX Reveal Will Happen In October

Speculation, rumors and insider info continue to be the driving force on all that we know about the upcoming Nintendo NX console. Case in point, Emily Rogers has posted a tweet saying that the NX should be revealed in October, which was then relayed in a thread on NeoGAF. Whether this will change or not remains to be seen, but it’s possible that autumn will be a busy one for Nintendo.




      1. 1. You didn’t already; I was the first to post.
        2. Is it not possible that they both have the same sources?
        3. Where does she claim it “as her own”?
        4. I justed wanted to count to at least four.

        1. First off on twitter 9 hours ago she ”had no clue” of when the reveal would be and then today suddenly posts about the Oct reveal, someone asked her about it and it ”just came to her” within the last 9hrs. Someone barked at her about it being a guess and she said she ”never guesses” and her info is solid. Then as soon as I point out that she took her info from WSJ, she immediately got angry.

          My whole issue here is her taking her info from WSJ and presenting it as if she got it from some secret inside sources and people jumping on it like its new info. When its nearly a week old and reported by someone completely different.

          This is why people give her flack for taking other peoples rumors and spinning it as her own.

          1. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, she just now got info from her sources and then, and only then, she relayed this info. How is that claiming a rumor to be her own? I’d like to see the tweet where she says “This is my rumor, WSJ didn’t report this; I did. THIS IS MY RUMOR. MINE!”

            1. That’s some strong grasping though. Look I get it, you want to defend her, but this isnt one of those times that can be defended. Her refusing to acknowledge that WSJ reported it a week prior and leading people to believe its her prediction/source guess without correcting them is proof enough. Like I said before, this is the type of stuff that makes people rag on her and give her grief(when she doesnt always deserve it)

              1. Strong grasping? That is not a big leap at all. At all. I’m not defending anybody. I just wish people would be more open minded and not so quick to judge and take up their pitchforks and torches.

        2. Didnt she say it would be a sept. Reveal back in august? Seriously, Im done with this chick. She said mother 3 was coming, and nothing. Sorry, but enough of her stuff has turned out not to be true that I don’t trust her anymore. Im actually still expecting it this month

          1. No she never said that. It was eurogamer i believe and people said that she said it because she backs up Eurogamers NX leak, so they associate Eurogamer with her now

        1. I’m not defending her or apologizing for anybody. I never once said I think her reportings are even accurate. I’m just offering another potential view that a lot of bullheaded people just refuse to look at. It’s not cool to jump to conclusions and defame people. Even if she’s guilty as charged her crimes are so harmless. It just doesn’t seem worth getting undies in a wad for.

          1. Yes I already know your intent, you have written it in almost all of your comments.
            But you must realize that standing firm on saying “She might be right”, while those odds are low considering she’s lost credibility lately, makes you look like your wish for her being correct overrides your rational thinking.
            That just like I said before: In My Opinion) makes you look either gullible or just way to wishful for being smart about it.

            1. I feel like I only explained my intent once, but that’s besides the point; I understand what you’re saying, but there’s nothing I care to do to change that perception of me.

    1. I wonder if it’s possible if the reveal was slated for September, but maybe life happens and they decided to move it?

    2. Don’t forget Mother 3’s 10th anniversary localization, and fully voice acted Zelda along with the choice between a male and female Link. Her credibility has completely fallen apart.

              1. It’s a book series that sparked a movie series with one character named Gandalf. He is a wizard and when called out for being late, he says something to the effect of “a wizard is never early or on time. He arrives when he means to.” Something like that.

                1. ||Fascinating, I must consume this Wizard The Gand-Elf then, where is it?…||

                  1. @RidleySlayer I wasn’t sure if that place was considered part of Middle Earth or not. And I couldn’t remember it’s name anyway. Elf Heaven? (kidding, I know that’s not it’s name)

                    1. Gotcha. The name of the continent is Aman, known as the Undying Lands. Middle-Earth is a separate continent to the east of Aman. They both exist on Arda (the Earth), although Aman is in a different plane.

                  1. ||The human I’m communicating through in the Real Realn is often told he is dark and mysterious, that’s why I took his body, the only human on Earth with similar agenda to us Ing…||

                    1. ||This might explain some questions…||

                      ||The Ing Horde’s ability for possession is strongly reminiscent of the mythology behind demons. Additionally, in function, this ability to enter, take complete control of and endow their host makes the Ing similar to the X Parasite, although the Ing have the advantage of being able to control inorganic machines, energy constructs, and Metroids.||

                    2. ||Though never seen ingame, the Ing can separate themselves from a possessed host at will, according to the log scan of the Dark War Wasp.||

  1. I bet in October she says: “omg, NX reveal in November, hurp durp” when you predict the reveal every month for the next month or doesn’t really count…

  2. Didn’t another source already report this before she did? Anyway, this is getting ridiculous.If they reveal first few days in October then not so bad, but this could end up being closer to November. The fans need something soon. We’ve waited long enough.

    1. Never say never, HollowShell… Nintendo haven’t officially confirmed that the NX is cancelled. Their top secret NX HAC (Handheld And Console) are still in the process of the official reveal this FALL. Right now, it’s STILL Summer time. We only have one week to go. So keep your expectations at the lowest.

      1. I really hate September because good things never happen. It always got delayed. Some people say that Emily might be lying about this October reavaled. So I don’t think people are not gonna waste there time dealing with her predictions about the NX.

  3. What a bold prediction! She’s so refreshing. Her credibility is totally not in question. A ray of sunshine in rumorville journalism. Can’t wait for more earth shattering rumors from her. I think her a Patcher would make lovely couple. Make it happen Cupid! The world needs this to be a thing.

  4. I’m being Emily Rogers now: “The NX will be revealed in november”. See? Anyone can be an “insider”!

      1. Yes. What he said. Go on. This sounds awesome already! :D Does it have a teleporter, too!? I’d love to go to Hawaii for an hour in the blink of an eye!

  5. Emily says October huh?
    For sure it’s going to be revealed March 2017 and released holiday 2017.

      1. I want to say the rest of the world won’t be effected but since the US is the center of most of the world’s commerce, we’re all probably screwed either way. :/

  6. Nintendo trying to protect the secrets of their new console. Don’t worry Nintendo, nobody wants to copy your lame gimmicks.

      1. The other avatars are better. Besides, Nintendo simply copied IMVU, Gaia Online, & the plethora of other sites that allow you to create an avatar. So it’s just one company copying another company’s copy.

          1. That’s why the other avatars are better. Least you can customize them beyond hair, eye, skin, head, body, and the color thing for shirts & pants.

        1. Personally, I like the Miis better than the xbox ones, there’s something about those xbox ones that I find a bit cringey. the ps ones are obviously the superior ones though lol

          1. And the only reason the PS3 ones look far more superior is the fact they look more realistic. The others are cartoonish at best.

        2. Bullshit! The Mii avatar creating tool is from the 80s. Nintendo originally made it for the NES. And just because two companies have similar ideas doesn’t necessarily mean that one company copied from the other. Nintendo would certainly not copy internet avatars. That Sony and M$ copied from Nintendo though, is a proven fact!

          1. Sony & Microsoft more likely copied IMVU who has way better avatar customization options, not Nintendo’s lame ass cheaply done avatar system. So I call your fact nothing more than angry fanboy logic bullshit mad that the competition did it BETTER than Nintendo.

          2. And if Sony & Microsoft did copy Nintendo, it’s not their fault their copy is tons better & more detailed than Nintendo’s lazy effort.

  7. C’mon Nintendo. Just reveal it now. You might get copied eventually anyway. You need time to really hype the NX.

  8. I mean it the most possible kindly way and without any intention to offend anyone. Could my Nintendo news compiled the information she claimed to have and compare it to what will be say when the NX is released ? It just to see like a post mortem thing. Emily Roger claim that and she was right /wrong…

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