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Nintendo Offers To Refund Unused DSi Points In Japan

Back in April, it was revealed that Nintendo planned to discontinue the DSi Shop. While this is still going ahead, they have since announced several changes to their original plans. Between April 3, 2017 and September 29, 2017, Nintendo will refund any funds remaining DSi points. While this is currently only announced for Japanese players, it seems likely the offer will be coming to the west at some point. The money can be refunded in one of three ways:

1. Convert to eShop balance for 3DS / Wii U
2. Transfer money to the user’s specified bank account
3. Receive cash from convenience stores like Lawson

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  1. Does anybody know if DSi ware titles will still be purchaseable on the Nintendo 3DS eshop? No amount of research on my part has been able to answer this question, and it is driving me crazy!

    1. Just wanted to let you know that, YES, most DSiWare titles are available on the 3DS eShop!! There are a handful that aren’t (like Oregon Trail, for some reason), but the overwhelming majority are all there! Hope that helps! :>

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