Rumour: NX Reveal Coming Next Week

As fans become impatient for the Nintendo NX’s reveal, more and more rumours keep surfacing. This specific rumour claims that the NX will be unveiled by Nintendo sometime next week. Based on comments made in a French gaming podcast by someone with supposed inside contacts, this news has caught the eye of the several fans. Check out this video covering the details of the supposed leak.

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  1. Yes, they’ll reveal it next week when there’s been no promotion for any sort of NX reveal event. Do you guys at MyNintendoNews even think for a moment before posting these articles/rumors? They’d most assuredly want to hype of an NX reveal event for at least 1-2 weeks prior to said event. I know people will come at me saying “BUT DIRECTS ARE ALWAYS ANNOUNCED 1-2 DAYS BEFORE!!!!”. Do you really, honestly, think this would be a Direct not a live presentation? That’d be beyond dumb of Nintendo. Besides, even if it /was/ just a Direct, this is a special case. It’s to announce their next generation of hardware, it’s something you can’t get by with “oh, yeah, btw NX reveal tomorrow! SEE YA THEN!”.

    1. Bullshit. How the the fuck do you think it’s dumb of Nintendo? Quality comes first and you fucking know it. Secondly, the NDA remains in full effect because they don’t want anyone to steal their innovations and ideas. This Fall is just one week away and the GM of Nintendo of Canada have clearly stated that they will announce the unveiling of the NX. Relax and calm down. The official announcement from Nintendo is coming late this month/early October.

      1. NDA or not, they’d want to promote the event, dude lol. You can’t have a reveal as big as the NX and announce it merely the day before lol. That’d be stupid. I don’t see how anything I did was questioning the quality of Nintendo or the NX or it’s reveal. The only quality I’d bring into question is MyNintendoNews’ articles. They’re the ones helping spread these rumors that they know for fact have no chance at being real. Now why don’t you just calm down for a bit, I didn’t say anything nasty at all. Just merely said why I feel this rumor cannot be real.

        I did say it’d be dumb of Nintendo to do a Direct, because those only appeal to people are already invested into Nintendo. It’d not get the appeal of the masses like a live presentation would. If Directs were for the mass populace, then the Wii U would be in a much better position than it is now. That’s why we can’t have the NX revealed in a Direct. The effect that Directs have on sales is minimal at best. Those already interested in those games, amiibos, etc. already had them pre-ordered. Yes, new games get announced but unless the game looks /AMAZING/, then not many outside from the Nintendo circle will pay it much attention.

        NX needs a live on-stage presentation or it’ll be overshadowed by PS4 Pro and Scorpio. It’d just be the Wii U situation all over again. Nintendo can’t do that twice in a row and hope to remain relevant. They need to go big with NX a Direct won’t suffice.

        1. They’ll probably decide to go with a Spaceworld type style Direct. Spaceworld presentations were like Nintendo dedicated E3 shows back in the day. I also personally think that a ” regular ” Direct would be all wrong for the unveiling of a new gaming platform. If it’s next week then Nintendo will probably start hyping it up a couple days in advance…….just my take

        2. Like I’ve mentioned to you once again, Ellie… quality comes first. Nintendo will announce the unveiling of the NX WHEN they’re all good and ready.

          And Paid… I have to agree with you 101%. The Big N NEEDS to go big with the NX unveiling either Direct or at the media briefing. They cannot afford a fatal error like Sony had in their PS4 Pro unveiling to the press.

    2. I’m all for the big N but they’re the people who also replaced an E³ conference with a Nintendo Direct, so anything is possible at this point.

      An E³ conference, people. The X-Mas of gamers.

      Thank God they god it right in 2016.

    3. I doubt Nintendo has to make that much of an effort to promote a Direct though, the games media will be all over it regardless. And if they do reveal it in a Direct, I’m sure there will still be events with hands-on access later this year.

      Personally, I’m expecting a Direct, but not an exhaustive one, but one that will feel like a rather short one despite being 35-45 minutes long, and which will leave some disappointed and some wanting for more.

      1. I think it will be much longer than just 35-45 minutes. I would say it will probably be 60-75 minutes long since it’s the unveiling of a new gaming platform and since all of Nintendo’s resources have gone into NX development. Remember Nintendo is going to be explaining the functions, features and the specs of the NX and they’re trying to build the most ambitious launch lineup ever for a gaming console and since this is a alleged ” reboot ” of the Nintendo brand it may take longer than 35 minutes to go into full detail especially when they’re trying to avoid the same mistakes they made with the Wii U

        1. I agree, but I don’t think the Direct itself will be all that long. They will probably release follow up videos and interviews. Hope I’m wrong though, and they will exhaustively explain the NX and its capabilities, preferably through great games.

  2. Hard to believe. I think Nintendo would like to invite the media to an event, a Nintendo Direct seems kind of small for a console reveal.

    But Nintendo does weird things. I guess is somewhat possible, yet I say it isn’t true.

  3. ||The First Order of Nintendo has declared all rumours and sources invalid by default, only our word and our will matters…||

  4. I told you! Announced Sept 21. Released March 5th 2017.

    -you’re welcome.

    I got my info by devouring a planet.

  5. I am calling it right now the NX news is going to be done around he holiday. Either thanksgiving or Christmas.

  6. My money is still on Dec 1 at The Game Awards with no prior announcement, but it should be noted that my original prediction for this month was the 22nd. In the event we did get a reveal this coming week, it would be a funny coincidence if that was the day.

    That said, I’d lose by The Price Is Right rules due to going over.

    1. For those who aren’t clear on the last line of my comment there, I was referring to the rumblings of September 20th or 21st being the date. In either case, my original 22nd prediction would have gone over.

    1. NX reveal- The New Nintendo Wii U

      Same HD graphics you’ve come to love
      B/C with all Wii u and Wii games
      New Nintendo Gamepad at 480p 6.2″ screen
      Has New in the name
      Can now make waffles (with 35 dollar accessories) XD

    1. If this is true Emily Rogers will be right, cuz she said last month it’ll be announced this month… Like she said 2 months ago it’ll be announced last month…. Like she said this month it’ll be announced next month…. Errr … Oh I see what she’s doing -.-

  7. There are so many rumors floating around now that it is pretty much impossible for none of them to be correct, even if every single one of them is a complete guess. Which means some liar somewhere is going to look like a prophet once this thing gets announced.

  8. I have a prediction that Nintendo will reveal their universal rides before the nx is revealed. Think about it what (other than Mario on iPhone) could get more people listening to Nintendo. It would blow everyone away

    1. I think you have something there. Nintendo would want as many people focused on them as possible before the NX reveal.. Unveiling their theme park plans first would be a good way to do it. It’s completely unknown how far along those plans are though.

      1. thats what im thinking. the nx, mobile, and theme parks were announced at the same time so it would make sense that these would be fully revealed at the same time unless they are saving the theme park announcement for march as a back up for investors in case the nx fails to boost up their stocks

  9. I just hope this rumor ends being true They’ll probably decide to go with a Space Hybridworld type style Direct…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………smh

  10. am I the only who don’t give a sh*t about the announcement or when the NX will be release? I really don’t care about the NX and to be honest I could have wait for another year as long as the don’t delay zelda wii U, but since the release of the NX also means the release for Zelda breath of wild,it would really piss me off if I have to wait another year for a game which has been completed early this year/end of 2015. I just want to know if we will have Zelda Wii U for Xmas 2016 (one can always hope) or xmas 2017, the rest I can’t care less to be honest.

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