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Pokémon GO Update Available On iOS And Android

Those of you who are still content collecting the various Pokémon in the smash hit mobile title Pokémon GO should know that there’s an update available for the game on both iOS and Android. The update is just a tiny one with the description being “minor fixes for the Pokémon GO Plus.” Still it wasn’t so long ago that we received a major update for the game. You can download the update on both iOS and Android, right now.

5 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Update Available On iOS And Android”

  1. HaHaha the hype is real I see. I became less interested though without the tracker. I just cant find any darn pokemon in my area :(( I decided to get an account from pogomania (just type it on google) and now i am level 35 with so many snorlaxes lol :)(

  2. Looks like they added an in-app visual guide for the Go Plus. For all those people who just decided to throw the manuals out the second they opened their packages I guess lol

  3. You guys realise Niantic Labs don’t listen to people that play their stuff all they give a crap about is money and nothing more. That and Mobille Gaming is pointless

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