Miyamoto Hopes Super Mario Run Will Remind Players “How Much Fun It Is To Play A Nintendo Game”

Through Super Mario Run, Shigeru Miyamoto is hoping “older players” will be able to recapture the feeling of getting into Nintendo games back in the day. The Mario creator believes that releasing the upcoming title on mobile platforms will introduce Mario to a wider audience, due to the ever-increasing reach of smart devices.

“I feel very lucky, because there are a lot of people in Japan making characters and games that become popular in Japan,” Miyamoto said. “So I feel fortunate to be able to bring Mario to an audience around the world. And now with the reach of smart devices, we can bring Mario to an entire generation of kids, and hopefully be able to recapture those older players who played when they were younger and remind them how much fun it is to play a Nintendo game.”



      1. The masses who dwell in the mobile seas are not chained to any affiliation. They have a phone and they use it for games because their oblivious minds does not know of the greatness of real gaming yet.
        This new weaponry, while it might seem like it is simply fish food to the ignorant, is in actuality the bait which will lure them into our net.
        Once they have been tempted with greatness, they cannot resist.
        It is just a matter of time before they are all caught.

    1. don’t know if that is you laughing at miyamoto for that statement or just trolling. i wanna believe its the latter but i know im 50% wrong. anyways i kinda agree with miyamoto as everyone and their mom only cares about cod, battlefield, and anything fps.

  1. This and the NES Classic are very smart moves imo and I think they’ll work. Mario is still a massive icon despite sales slumps of the Wii U. See the Olympic closing ceremony for proof.

    This all leads to what comes NeXt. They just need to play their cards right.

  2. Riiiight, because we Nintendo loyalists from the NES/SNES/N64 eras want to play an automatic Mario game.

    This is not what got me into gaming, and I’m sure as hell certain 5-year-old me wouldn’t have gotten into gaming from it either.

      1. Yes, and I think the problem is how he hopes it ropes new players in.

        The majority of people I imagine buying this are casuals who have not played Mario before. And I have reason to believe that these same people, should they try to play a real Mario, won’t like it because of complexity they aren’t used to. Remember, mobile games are often very limited in how you control them, so when all they play are these touch-and-go games and then move to a full-fledged game, I can honestly see many of them going “wait, I have to jump AND control his movement at the same time? And there’s more moves besides running and jumping? I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. It’s too much.”

        I firmly believe this is not the way to garner new supporters, to promote a game for a new audience that is not as complex as the true installments.

        1. He doesn’t mean Nintendo loyalists.
          He wants to recapture people who probably just once played Super Mario Bros. on NES.
          Uncharted 4 and Halo 5 , even Zelda cannot be sold more than 5 millions copies now. That is the best those loyalists can do for a console. And it is not enough for any console company. PlayStation 4 captured COD, FIFA and GTA gamers. It is hard for Nintendo to take over the same group of people from the opponent. Super Mario Run is kind of advertising to another part of majority before they completely forget Mario.

        2. I agree the adjustment might be too much for some people, but you’re missing the point bruh. The point is to get people who are on smartphones thinking about Mario/Nintendo again. This whole game is basically a marketing campaign for the NX In this commentors opinion bruh.

        3. I think you are exaggerating, in fact I think the complete opposite, that Super Mario Run will introduce mechanics like wall jump, triple jump, or jumping higher from an enemy to people who once played another Mario game and believed the only think they could do was moving and jumping around. I think the existence of this mechanics also appeal to veteran Mario 2D gamers. If they fail to attract people to their own consoles after this, everything will be as it is now, but definitely not worse. But I really feel everything is going to be better.

        4. Do you really think the difference between Mario Run and a typical Mario game is that big? Mario games aren’t exactly the most complex games out there. You move, run, jump, and use powerups. My nephew has been playing Mario games since he was 5. If he can do it, I’m sure the average mobile gamer wouldn’t find it difficult. This is literally the best possible way to attract mobile gamers to consoles and only Nintendo can do it. You take a simplistic game that’s widely recognizable, release a version of it to mobile devices, then advertise to consumers that a better, fuller version is available on consoles along with a ton of other interesting games.

          I’m not saying this strategy will work; but if it can be done, this is the way to do it.

        5. The various people replying to your comment is correct. And I would add that this is meant to advertise the various games on Nintendo’s hardware (or, for this game, it’s meant to advertise Mario games on their own platforms). This is what I believe Miyamoto ultimately means (especially since that’s what they’ve said before).

          Case in point (and the only example that I can use since Nintendo is pretty much new to this): According to this article (, not only did the 3DS top all other consoles for the month of July (though, part of that boost was also caused by Monster Hunter), but most of the current generation of Pokémon game’s sales had an increase of about 80%. ORAS especially cracked the top 10 best selling list by the NPD in that month. Unless that was a coincidence, I’d say Pokémon GO had something to do with that.

          If Pokémon GO can do that to the 3DS Pokémon games, then there’s no reason to think that it would be impossible for Super Mario Run to have the same effect to the 3DS Mario games. The Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing mobile games will probably do the same thing. Therefore, I don’t see how this isn’t the correct approach.

    1. It’s meant to be a taste that at most will be a nice distraction at a cheap price. Look what Pokémon GO was able to accomplish. Anything within reason that could help them raise awareness of their products is fine as long as we still get the full experiences. The best of these outside ventures will obviously be their deal with Universal.

      The only problem that could ever happen in this area is if they went full mobile.

    2. Times have changed. Kids and Adults alike spend a lot of gaming time on iPads and other smart devices. Why do you think Pokemon GO was so big?

      This is a smart move, and I fail to see anything wrong in what he’s saying. It may be an auto-runner, but it’s still very much Mario at its core.

    3. That’s not what he said. He was talking about ppl in general. NOT loyalists. Because look at the WiiU. That’s what happens when all you got left are loyalists who still buy your stuff. I’m one of those and you might be too, but the masses grew up with Nintendo games and moved on playing something different or nothing at all. Now that they have smartphones, they have easy access to one hell of a large library of games that also cost a fraction iof console games. The problem is, 90% of them suck so they don’t even know what to play there. Having brands like Pokemon and Mario invading appstores gives these ppl a kind of an orientation what they shouldn’t miss, especially if it’s as hyped as these games are. And assuming 100 million ppl play Mario Run and like it and only 1% of them likes it enough to think ‘OK, this is great but I’d like to play it with a joypad with a proper gamestructure’ then the game’s mission was already a success. These games aren’t created to deliver but to aquire and I believe Nintendo is doing a great job here. Way, way better than I had expected.

  3. It would be great if you can switch graphic eras like in super Mario maker. But then the game mechanics won’t be the same, so I think! Pretty sure it can be pull off but what it is now is alright!

  4. And you can remind them even more of fun things can be if you stop with the microtransactions and give us another game like Super Mario 64, Sunshine, or Galaxy. The ones where we collect mission-based stars instead of ending stages with flagpoles.

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  6. Just update your games like you did with Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, and the new zelda. I personally don’t want games that I already played 25 years ago. The new Star Fox, 2d mario, 2d donkey kong and so on while fun are all a joke if you ask me. Theres so much more potential with Nintendo games so please use it. And bring back all your old masterpieces wich have been on the shelves unused for far to long

  7. Dear Nintendo….we need to talk

    Ok first let’s address this silly notion, if someone comes and robs you, the last thing you do is say “what if I give the robber a way to make more money then they already have, that well somehow make me more money”…, that’s not how that works.

    Next , it just needs to be said, you never had to worry about competition because you already had the best product. Now you don’t so your argument is “we dont pay attention to competition” well….they are beating you and it’s not only sad, but it’s allowing your competition to slack off and make crap….and they are still doing better…….guess what you need to compete with them.

    What is this paper Mario BS …. Such a waste of good IP, complete crap, like taking a dump on the face of your fans…..utter crap. What’s that Metroid? No just more crap.

    What’s that f-zero? Real Metroid? …..nope

    What about fans? No clearly you have lost your way, this is really sad, and your selling out rather then standing your ground. …..sad face….sad face Nintendo

    Mario on play station and Xbox coming 2020

    1. I well say that breath of the wild looks amazing. But at the same time I feel like I played Skyrim years ago, and this is the Zelda Skyrim and it better really have much more going. I’m not saying its not going to. I’m just saying it needs to step things up, not just bring it to modern expectations.

      1. The world is DYNAMIC. ALL OF makes air rise making updrafts, there are physics. the world is bigger than skyrim i think. by a lot. there is so much to do. they only showed 2% at e3. if this is zelda, imagine what else will be.

  8. “Please remember how fun Super Mario was with no story or no unique partners so you can go & buy the new Paper Mario game or maybe even buy the previous entry known as Sticker Star!” That’s all I’m hearing.

    1. To be fair though, Color Splash already has more story than any of the sidescrolling Mario games- it’s just not a good story compared to the rest of the Paper Mario games (except Sticker Star). That’s the only part of Color Splash I will defend.

      If a friend of mine gets it, I’ll probably ask to borrow it, see just how well, or poorly, it turns out.

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