Dragon Ball Fusions Gets A Western Release Date

Players will soon be able to return to the Dragon Ball universe on their 3DS. Bandai Namco have officially announced that Dragon Ball Fusions will be getting a release in the West. The upcoming RPG is coming to the U.S on December 13th. However, the European release isn’t until February 2017. Check out the announcement trailer below.



  1. WHOLE ON! Please tell getting an English Dub!? Like WTF? It Dragonball Z Game it should be good enough to be English Dub! -_-

      1. If this was Naruto, I’d agree that subs beats dubs but this is fucking Dragon Ball, one of the best dubbed anime! ESPECIALLY after Funimation got rid of the Ocean Group guys & started doing the dubbing in-house with guys like Christopher Sabat (Vegeta) & Sean Schemmel (Goku)!

        1. I agree. I grew up watching Dragon Ball and it’s the only dub I actually like. But I used to also watch fansubs of dbz way back in the day before they ever showed the freeza saga in the US, so the subs of dbz I enjoy as well.

      2. Hell no. Not with Dragon Ball.
        Schemmel > Nozawa any day of the week, man. After watching Dragon Ball Super for about a year now, I’m ready to hear Schemmel’s glorious Goku again. So much better in my opinion.
        Plus this game looks pretty sweet. I’m hoping they took the time to dub it. It’d make it just that much better (especially since we haven’t had a DBZ RPG in a while). And it seems most of the fanbase agrees.

        However, the option to switch languages would be welcome. Absolutely nothing wrong with having more options!

    1. That’s quite admirable of you to put in all that hard work of finding the seven dragon balls and then using your wish to get this game to come to the west. Thank you so much!!

  2. the game was DBZ Super Butoden and yeah the game was awful! The Legacy Of Goku Trilogy was lightyears better than that

    1. Buton and legacy are 2 completely different games. Buton was a 2d fighter, and legacy was a top down action rpg.

      This seems to be more on par with legacy though, which is awesome.

  3. well i better prepare my wallet for both this and i plan on upgrading my 4 year old 3ds xl to them new fangled 3ds with the nipple c-stick. no im not an old man, im 27, i just wanted to say that because ‘new’ 3ds xl sounds kinda stupid.

  4. Please tell me Bandai Namco isn’t gonna cheap out on people & not give this an English dub. Last time I checked, most fans outside of Japan love the voices of guys like Christopher Sabat & Sean Schemmel so the lack of their voices in an English dubbing will probably turn a lot of people off.

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