Super Mario Maker For Nintendo 3DS Does Not Support 3D

The box art for Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS has been revealed and confirms the game does not support the handheld’s 3D feature – it only plays in 2D. Nintendo previously confirmed that the upcoming port won’t allow players to share courses online, nor does it have all the available tools in the original Wii U version. Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to launch on December 2.



    1. I have the New 3DS XL and to be honest I hate using the 3D on it… I only bought the system to play the SNES games and some of the exclusives that work for the system…

    2. It depends on the game for me. I love the 3D in the 3DS Zelda games, Mario 3D Land, DKCR3D, and a some other games, but I tend to just kind of say “meh” to the 3D in games like Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS, Smash Bros., and some more. Some do it much better than others, but when it’s done well, you had better bet that I have the 3D on (all the way).

      1. Wait, I get Rhythm Heaven and Pokemon, but Smash Bros.? I think Smash Bros. has an amzing 3D effect, one of the best ones on the system!

    3. The New 3DS definitely handles 3D better than the original. The original forces you to view the game at a certain angle for it to work. I remember having problems with Kid Icarus on the original. It was nearly impossible to keep steady.

        1. umm honey the new 3ds tracks your face so you don’t have to look at the 3ds at a certain angle. I should know considering i have one. Don’t try to correct someone when you don’t know yourself. And how can the 3d be slower? wtf does that even mean?

        2. First off, don’t call me honey.

          Second, did you even read my comment? I explained exactly what I meant by “handles 3D better”.

          Third, 10 times slower!? I would love to know where you got that number. The top games on 3DS run at 60 fps. Are you suggesting that when played on a New 3DS (which has a faster processor than the original) they’ll run at 6 fps?

          1. They have to be trolling. To state total Bullshit like that means they are incredibly ignorant or just trolling.
            The New 3DS is fucking amazing, the speed increases alone are great. And I love playing in 3D. I like how it looks and it makes the games more fun IMO.

            1. So I see you’re resorting to childish teasing. Every comparison video I’ve seen shows the new 3DS operating faster and smoother. Please feel free to share a link showing otherwise.

    1. Well it being on 3ds was never really planned, it was to be a wiiu only game till 3ds owners begged for it.

      Thing is now that you got it they still find ways to complain. Smh

      1. I’m not one of those who wanted it on 3DS- in fact, I’m one of those people who want Wii U games to stay OFF the 3DS (look at Hyrule Warriors Legends if you want a great example of why).

        1. ||Only intelligent ones think like you do so it’s good that you are intelligent…||

  1. I don’t mind not having 3D on it, but to be missing items and not having online sharing… that is a really bad idea… the New 3DS should be able to handle it….
    Oh well, at least we can have it on the go i guess…
    Dam i miss my Wii U… thank you for breaking into my house you fuckers (who ever did it…)

      1. Dammit… this is what i meant on the last post that you can’t be safe even in your own house…
        Why can’t we have nice things and not have people who want to steal it? :/

  2. It should say “for 2DS” I almost always use 3D. The “new” 3DS should still have 3D support. (honestly I’m almost over this version of the game, no 3D, no online, no amiibi….)

    Only way they could sell me this, is if Mario 2 art was added, and related items (shy guy, water fall, jars, masks, Magic carpet, birdo)

  3. Personally I love the 3D, it doesn’t bother my eyes and all the games I have look great in the setting. I don’t always use it, but for certain game’s it’s always on.

    Anyway, the 3ds treatment has been interesting and nice to say the least though. It’s a beast of a machine.

    1. Same here. I always have the 3D set around 25% to 33% and I’ll push it up to 100 if I want the full effect. Some cutscenes look simply amazing at 100% 3D. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t use 3D. I could only see it hurting your eyes if you played at 100% for too long.

  4. So notes to 3ds owners who want games from home consoles:
    Before you see a game on a home system and say “hey my 3ds could definently run this.” Or “this would be better on handheld.” You should stop and think why it didn’t come to it in the first place. Don’t expect games like that to come without flaws and limitations and get mad at Nintendo for it.

  5. I was interested in this game before but with no 3D I don’t see the point. What a stupid decision. I’ll stick with my Wii U version.

    1. If Hyrule Warriors Legends is any indication (and possibly Federation Farce which has bad graphics all the way around), those kind of levels probably would be too taxing on the system, even the New 3DS. You might be right.

  6. Meh. It’s a half ass, money grab port, guys. Back in the day, if someone told you Nintendo would do some bullshit like that some day, most of us would be all “No way in hell would Nintendo ever sell out like that! Never!” Times have indeed changed, boys & girls. :/

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