Video: Metroid’s Ridley Has Been Smashified

Smashified continues their initiative of taking fan favorite characters and rendering them into a Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Wii U style. And now a new video has gone up, where the team decided to tackle Ridley from Metroid and turn him into Smash Bros. character art. The video also features commentary, so if you want to check it out, feel free to watch it down below.



    1. They actually combined elements of the manga, Super Metroid, and Zero Mission for Ridley’s overall appearance.

      The only thing Other M related they really used was the blade-like tip of tail instead of going for the usual purple arrowhead shape. Even I sort of find its placement “out of place’ with the rest of the body.

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    2. I actually liked Ridley’s Other M design. It was an awesome design that shouldn’t be hated on because of a bad story & terrible Samus character since Ridley was one of the few things the game actually did very well. And it would have looked fine shrunken down unlike Ridley’s more common design which, I admit, does look bad shrunken down.


  1. I wonder if maybe the design of Ridley we’re all use to is just an older Ridley & the Other M design is what Ridley looked like in his younger days when he was in his prime. *shrug* Oh well. This might be a moot point, anyway, if they ever retcon Other M.


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