Video: A New Trailer For A Zelda x Studio Ghibli Fan Film Has Released

A fan animator is working on a project that would show what it would look like if Nintendo partnered with Studio Ghibli, a well established animation company. A Zelda x Ghibli fan film is in the works by Matt Vince, and he recently released a new trailer for the project. If you want to see the two-minute long trailer for yourself, feel free to check it out down below.



    1. So glad I’m not the only one to notice that. :/ Hopefully a future, updated trailer will have Link looking way better. Right now, him & Epona look way out of place from the rest of the artstyle. So for now, I’ll give Studio Ghibli the benefit of a doubt since I know they are better than this.

  1. Sometimes I feel like Nintendo is squandering so many potentially amazing things they could have done, should have done but never have or never will.


    Coulda made another 2D Metroid but never did.
    Could have made live action Zelda movies of an animation move of Zelda or Metroid or Mario.
    Could of done so many amazing things.

  2. I hope they find a good voice actor for Link. I reccommend:

    -Yuri Lowenthal
    -Cole Howard

    Just to name a few.

    As for Link’s characterization, they could borrow from the Nintendo comic made by Shotaro Ishinomori.

  3. How and why is it that the backgrounds can be so beautiful, yet the chicken/cucco is the most well animated character? The shopkeeper was poor looking, but even he looks good compared to Link and Epona at the end.

    They should really find a better character artist. He/she is Clearly not yet up to par with the background artist(s).

    1. It’s because everything else was just still images with some lighting. There weren’t really any animations. So the actual animating is quite poor when compared to the still images that had a lot of time put into them

    2. To anyone replying to me like I’m an idiot, you are completely missing my point.

      No DUH doing a slow pan of a single pane painting that someone spent hours if not all day on is easier than creating dozens, hundreds or tens of thousands of frames of actual animation. (24 frames per second, film speed, is 1,440 frames Per-Minute)

      The point I was suggesting was … Ghibli films have EXCELLENT character design, in spite of being flat cell drawings that stand out from the painted backdrops.

      If the effect they are going for is to look like a Ghibli film, how and why, of the THOUSANDS of tallented amateur animators that can be found across the internet in places like Deviantart, did they chose THIS animator, whom clearly does not know how to draw/animate Ghibli style, and especially Ghibli QUALITY characters at all yet?

      A few hours search on Deviantart could easily turn up 100+ super-talented artists that could draw Ghibli Style/Quality Zelda characters, and at least a few key frames for other artists with more time to draw all the ‘tweens’ for, whom are eager and enthusiastic, but not as great at character design. That’s how the Pros do it.

      The entire effect of this fan project falls apart if they don’t find a top-tier fan artist to do their character designs and at least a handful of important key frames.

      1. I have to comment that this is FAN art.
        So this means that probably one guy, gave some time to make it in the style of Ghibli.
        There are no “pros” here. They (or he or she) is a “fan”. Meaning no money. Meaning they wouldn’t want to pay someone “better”.
        They did it for fun of it.
        If you like it it’s fine. If you don’t it’s still fine. However, this is NOT a professional piece of work. It’s FAN art.

        1. When you got dozens of fan art that looks way better than that Link & shopkeeper, using the “it’s just fanart” excuse to defend bad animation is just as bad as the animation itself.

        2. Do you know what Deviantart is? Did you read my last line?

          It’s aaaaaaallll Fanart. (not literally … but pretty much).

          Fan artists collaborate all the time. Asking for help from another fan artist more up to the task would be a good idea, is all I’m saying.

  4. That shot of Link, though. The trailer really had me feeling the feels because of the music til that last part. No wonder they saved Link & Epona for last.

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