Video: Here’s What Super Mario 64 Looked Like On The Xbox One

You may recall the Nintendo 64 emulator that was recently pulled from the Xbox One Store. Although you can no longer get it, that doesn’t mean people weren’t able to record footage of the emulator in action. The staff at IGN have put up a video showing how the classic game Super Mario 64 ran with the emulator on Xbox One. IGN says in the video description that the results were “pretty ropey”, but what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to check out the video for yourself down below.



    1. You may recall the recently pulled Video of the recently pulled Emulator of the recently pulled Rom of the recently Programmed Super Mario 64 of the recently born Shigeru Miyamoto of the recently modernized Japan of the recently formed islands of the recently erupted volcanoes of the recently formed earth of the recently exploded universe of the recently crushed galaxies of the re— BZZRRPT!

      1. ||I always make sense, you humans are just not intelligent enough to understand it…||

  1. Nintendo should advertise and support the virtual console more than they do… I think it has the potential to be a bigger selling point than they realize. Imagine if they sold a “Greatest Hits” edition of Wii U or 3DS in a retro-looking color scheme, preloaded with a bunch of classic NES games and SNES games? They already released the NES mini, and it was pretty favorably received. Why not pump up the virtual console?

    If they REALLY wanted to make me happy, of course, they could give us a “retro rewards” program that would let you build bundles of 5 games for the price of 4, etc, or enable cross buy… but now I’m just dreaming.

    Oh, and can someone explain to me why you can’t buy Star Fox 64 on Wii U Virtual Console? That’s some crap right there.

    Lastly, let’s get some GCN games on NX virtual console! Preferably with a modicum of third party support, so we can all buy Eternal Darkness.

      1. No it’s not; not in North America, at least. It IS available on Wii Virtual Console, however. Now, I know that technically means it can be played on Wii U as well, but you lose all the extra functionality you would get with a Wii U virtual console game, including off-TV play and restore points, as well as the ability to play with controllers that don’t use AA batteries. To me, those are significant differences, and for that reason I reserve the right to split hairs :).

  2. If I had seen Operation Winback or Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs, I would have gone ballistic! Finally a chance to play those & it’s ruined because they removed the N64 emulator!

    Thankfully, they never appeared. Who the fuck owns the rights to these games & why haven’t they allowed Nintendo to use them as N64 virtual console for Wii U yet, anyway!? D:<

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