Ubisoft CEO Says The NX Will Put Nintendo ‘Back In The Race’

Nintendo might be being quiet about the Nintendo NX but Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot certainly isn’t. During the company’s recent shareholders meeting he proclaimed that Nintendo’s next generation platform the NX will put the Kyoto based company “back in the race.” The system is still scheduled to be released in March 2017.

“I believe Nintendo will be back in the race with the NX,” Guillemot said in French during the call (as first noticed by Chloé Woitier on Twitter).


Thanks to Paidenthusiast and Mike S for the tip.


      1. The only thing you have to worry is NOTHING! Always look for the positive instead of the negatives… especially in the society we’re living in.

  1. Time will tell. Once we see what it actually is, and reactions to the reveal, we will have a better gauge of its potential success (or possible flop). Time has all the answers.

  2. ||We will do more than that Ubisian, you will all witness the inevitability…||

      1. ||The only one who defeated me was Samus Aran, but her days are numbered, darkness never fades, it only expands…||

    1. And you know what… It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a third major platform for your console games doing well so yeah, maybe he does think that, whether true or not, if he can help with hype this thing will move not just consoles but my games as well. Would be cool… obviously

      1. I don’t think I ever recalled Ubisoft being this enthusiastic about a Nintendo system even when they supported the Wii U very heavily early on in it’s life cycle. Whatever the NX is it must’ve really impressed Ubisoft and it makes you question if Eurogamer’s rumor about the NX being primarily a dedicated handheld hybrid is true because I really don’t think that Ubisoft will get this excited over Nintendo’s version of the Nvidia Shield. It has to be a game changer

        1. ||The only thing that exists out there are some half-truths and idiotic assumptions, the real truth will be arriving soon, you will all see…||

        2. It would have to be… I didn’t get into the Wii U hype this heavily; I came late to that party so can’t recall what was being said about Project Cafe or any of that other stuff… I will say though, it does seem likely that whatever it is, will separate themselves from the other two machines because you simply can’t put out a “Nintendo X-Staion” and expect it to dent the market.

        3. If it is a hybrid, it must be a home console first, handheld second hybrid as I don’t see Ubisoft being adamant in supporting a handheld first hybrid since they don’t even support the 3DS. If they do support it, it must be meaningless support since I don’t hear Ubisoft getting a lot of praise for 3DS games.

          1. They had a splinter cell game, ghost recon game, a couple Rayman games, and that petz series. The splitnter cell game was a chaos theory remake. It wasn’t bad. But you are right, handhelds isn’t really their market.

        4. Haha, are you serious? Ubisoft, along with a whole bunch of other developers, praised the WiiU to no end. Not very different from what’s happening right now. I’d even go as far as to say the WiiU got even more praise, because the two-screen thing was completely new to home consoles, so the WiiU was considered extremely revolutionary, opening up so very many possibilities (honestly can’t help but smile at how funny that is now, considering the WiiU’s current miserable situation and everything that lead to it).
          Third-parties praising a console prior release literally means nothing. The WiiU is a prime example for that. The only thing that’s relevant are their actions after the console releases, because that’s when you’ll know what they truly think about it – whether it’s worth their time or not.

          1. A quick search, and I found this. Meant to include this in my previous comment, but forgot about it, hah.
            Anyway, shows you perfectly fine how much all the praise prior the release truly means. Ubisoft’s among them.

            1. I don’t know what they were expecting when the wii u launched with a bunch of older 3rd party games that Xbox and ps3 folks already had. The wii u version was often missing a lot of features. So they see the bad sales and quit making games for it. The Wii U had a lot of potential. Too many mistakes costed them big time. I’m still glad I got one. There are some serious gems on wii u.

            2. thank you very much for this video. I knew the wii U received lot of praise by 3rd party developpers and more than what we have for the NX. I mean looking yves from ubisoft, he turned his coat when things started to go down the drain (1/2 of Nintendo’s fault BTW).

              EA will let’s not talk about it. I understand Nintendo no wanted to have 3rd party praising their console and want the public to adopt it first then push for more when the sales become decent.

          2. They weren’t praising the Wii U as much they are with the NX. I don’t recall Ubisoft giving ” Project Café ” constant praise nor did I recall Take Two saying they are excited for ” Project Café ” nor did I recall Square Enix announcing and CONFIRMING 2 AAA games while ” Project Café ” was still basically a concept. Just because you are negative towards the NX doesn’t mean the rest of us has to be. I don’t think Nintendo can afford to screw up again even they know that

            1. I just gave you a video full of developers praising the WiiU, plus a number of quotes from Ubisoft alone down below. Ubisoft confirmed to have eight games in development for the WiiU before it even released ( so what’s your point?
              Also, I’m negative about the NX? And how exactly can I be negative about something I know literally nothing about, just like everyone else? Unlike you, I’m just neutral and don’t cream my panties about developers doing regular PR-talk that means absolutely nothing. I haven’t said a single negative thing about the NX, or can you provide a link to any comment of mine where I did? Right, you can’t.

    2. I’ve read plenty of people speculating the same thing especially if BG&E 2 actually is an NX exclusive. Ubisoft could be getting impatient with Nintendo and want to announce it already, lol.

  3. This reminds me about WB, EA, ” This (Wii U) is what it takes to shape the future.”, “this is revolutionary”… The third parties are just polite, such that in case the Wii scenario happens again, they can be on the boat.

    1. But Ubisoft wasn’t praising the Wii U in such high regards as they are currently doing with the NX. I’ve never heard them say ” The Wii U is easy to develop for ” or ” it’s a fantastic game machine “. Whatever Nintendo is doing with the NX must be very agreeable to what Ubisoft wanted or otherwise they wouldn’t going out of their way hyping it up more than Nintendo has been doing

      1. Oh, really? You mean like, they never said it had “enourmous memory, with barely any limitations”, and how it was “the most innovative console on earth”, and that they are “extremely happy with the console’s functionality and use”, or that they “believe in it, and think it’s gonna have a great impact on the industry”? And they never said it “adds a whole new level of intensity to games that was never possible before”, or that “they’re convinced it will sell well”?
        Haha, okay.

        Seriously, that was the result of a pretty quick search and text skimming, no more than 4 links needed for all those quotes. If you happen to insist on seeing the links, just let me know. :)

        1. I think Ubisoft truly did think that stuff about wii u. That’s why they stuck with it longer than most others. But it was costing to much to have a separate team develop for a 3rd console that had a different architecture.

          They have up on wii u as a business move. I truly believe they like the system and had high hopes for it. Zombi u and Rayman legends were both awesome games and were both originally planned as exclusives.

  4. That’s great they’re saying positive words about Nintendos next product.

    I only wish Nintendo would hurry up and release it. I honesty am disappointed already. Because I have a feeling Zelda has been finished for months if not a year already.
    They held it back to release it on NX. I have a feeling Zelda will be the only big AAA game at launch.
    Which means you won’t see another until holiday 2017. But with all the time they’ve had and all the time they’ve gone without releasing a damn thing. You’d think they’d have a schedule worked out where they can release a AAA game every month!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wouldn’t that be some shit?

    1. “You’d think they’d have a schedule worked out where they can release a AAA game every month!!!!!!!!!!!”

      What’s the point of that? We have absolutely no idea whether they do or not… Yes, we would think, and based on their comments and their admittance to handling the Wii U’s launch poorly, it’s reasonable to assume that they’ll have plenty during the launch period.

  5. I would hope so. I’m so excited about the prospect of a single system having all of Nintendo’s support behind it rather than split between two systems. It could also mean more variety because what would be the point of two versions of NSMB, Mario Kart, etc. on one system?

  6. I love how Ubisoft is hyping up the NX. It’s nice to see a big 3rd party dev still excited about Nintendo.

    On a side note, I just saw an article on Forbes that had one of the funniest titles I’ve seen in a while:
    “Ubisoft Is Raving About The NX Since Nintendo Can’t Be Bothered”

    1. I wish I could see this article but it’s Forbes and they won’t let me past their stupid “please turn off adblocker first” bullshit. I refuse to turn it off so fuck you, Forbes! You haven’t really been that relevant these days anyway.

  7. I really don’t like Ubisoft comments like this. They feel very passive aggressive, and shows you what they really think about Nintendo. Not once have I heard Phil Spencer talk about Nintendo like it’s a losing business. Ubisoft may not dislike Nintendo, but they sure as hell don’t respect them.

        1. What made you come to that conclusion? I am 100% absolutely positive that they respect Nintendo. Why would they have bothered making an exclusive (Zombi U) for the Wii U if they didn’t respect them?

              1. Yeah true. But it did seem kind of… rude I guess? when they announced that they weren’t gonna be making any more games for the Wii U. It seemed to me that they were only using Nintendo for partnership when they were sure that they would make a good profit from it.

                1. Its all about business. If a publisher sees that they can’t make a profit and it will just be a waste of time then they reserve the right to not continue supporting a failing console. It’s as simple as that. Third party developers aren’t going to bother doing charity for a company that barely tried to keep their owns products alive.

            1. Then they didn’t respect the Wii U consumers that bought their games. Some of us did buy their games on Wii U so they could have at least given us the best ports possible of games they had already promised to give us in case we bought those, too. And they could have given us Rayman Legends first since it was originally meant to be a Wii U exclusive & let the PlayStation & Xbox consumers wait. Because of their disrespect, I have no trust in buying their games on a Nintendo console & will never buy their games on them ever again. Which is why I’ve gone all in with turning my PS4 into my Assassin’s Creed system as I’ve gotten 4 & Syndicate. I intend to get Unity & the Ezio trilogy when I have less of a backlog of digital games.

            2. If I won’t get Ubisoft’s respect as a Nintendo gamer, I might as well try & get it as a PlayStation user instead.

              1. That is not what the issue is. PlayStation gets their games and not Wii U because it’s actually profitable for them. Not because they do not care about you.

                1. Well they clearly don’t care about Wii U owners that bought their games since they still gave them a shitty port of Watch Dogs after promising to give them a version that would make unique use of the Gamepad only to use it as a damn map. And they made the promise even after they realized they weren’t going to make any real money off Wii U games. From a business standpoint, they made the right call FOR THEIR COMPANY, NOT THE CUSTOMERS. Don’t confuse them caring about their company with caring about their Wii U customers as it’s not the same thing. Not by a long shot. So yes. As a Wii U customer, they didn’t give a flying fuck about me. If you think they did, you’re either an idiot or a fanboy. But I know you aren’t an idiot…

                    1. Sorry. It’s not really anything against you personally. All the Nintendo defenders & white knights have made my patience with people defending any video game company very, very short. Hence why I took a break from here for what has felt like 2-3 weeks to clear my head… but it seems there is no chance in recovering my patience in just that short amount of time. Maybe I need 3 months away from this place to fully recover it. xD

                    2. Well, back to my point, I was saying that they don’t really have anything against Nintendo fans. It’s only because it wasn’t profitable with the Wii U. They don’t treat one side better than the other. They’ve given PlayStation and Xbox both exclusive content back and forth. And even the Wii U in the early days with Zombi U. But it didn’t work out. I’m not really defending Ubisoft. I’m just trying to look at it in a more reasonable way. They have made dumb decisions in my opinion, but I also understand they’re a business. The only thing we can do if we don’t like they’re business decisions is not their buy their games. If you just switch to PlayStation and get their games there, that’s not really doing anything bad for them. Lol.

                    3. While I disagree with their bullshit treatment of Wii U in 2015 & contrary to my comments on this article, I don’t hold it against them as much anymore. That & I like the Assassin’s Creed franchise so I’ll just have to hate myself every time I play them on my Darth Vader PS4. lol

                    4. Did I say 2015? Shit. I meant 2014. *sighs for the lack of an edit feature for commenters*

  8. Well, until now Nintendo show good things, and the fact to stop Wii-U production i think she can go all focus on NX. Zelda in the launch was a good strategie, if in 3 months they give us a new mario game and smash port they can handle it pretty well. But i not optimist: its nintendo we talk about. Lets wait for Nintendo… before getting some conclusion.

    *Sorry for my bad english… its really bad i know xD

  9. This sounds good and dandy. I just hope they don’t dissapoint us again with a situation similar to Rayman Legends and show full support to the NX Hybryd dedicated Handheld system….smh

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