Fans Find An Undiscovered Secret In The Wind Waker

While Wind Waker hit the GameCube over 10 years ago, fans have discovered a new secret in the game. The boss of the game’s Forbidden Woods is traditionally killed by stunning him with the boomerang and slashing with the sword. However, the YouTuber Fish_Waffle64 has uploaded a video showing another way to defeat the evil Kalle Demos. Instead of using the sword when the boss is stunned, pouring out a bottle of Forest Spring Water will kill him in one hit. It is understandable why this secret has gone undiscovered for so long, the game never hinting the water will have any effect. It works in both the GameCube and Wii U versions of the game so make sure to try it out.



  1. this makes me want to actually beat wind waker (never beat it because of the game basically never letting me past a certain point)

      1. well no its not that im stuck its that the game physically wont let me through. short version: I skiped over a part not thinking anything of it and I saved then I went back the part i skiped was very important. and it now wont let me through a part that i need to go through and since i saved i cant undo it . so frustrated i never finished the game though it was fun when i played it

        1. Weird. I can’t think of what that part could be as I’ve never had anything close to that happen to me. But I’m sure that if you look up a guide there could be a way to fix that. Do you have the GC version or the HD version? Cause just saying, if you’re gonna get back into the game, its well worth paying the 20$ to get the much superior HD version and playing that version if you don’t already have it. Although, my opinion may be biased as WW is my fav game of all time so I’d pay anything to get a better version. In fact, WWHD was the main reason i bought a Wii U, especially with that amazing bundle.

          1. I have the wii u version. It at the place where i believe you take control the leaf dude and you plant little tree roots and you can hook on to those tree stumps using your hook but when i was the little tree dude i didnt plant one of the roots and that one root is important because you need to cling on it with the hook. And if you remember The little tree dude gets captured so im stuck as link. I saved right in the between of that so i cant go back with the tree dude to water the root that i forgot. So im stuck

            1. Presumably you’re talking about the wind temple? If you can’t find Makar he should be in a caged prison blocked off by a huge stone head shaped monument. It’s in a long cylindrical room, the same one as the giant floor fan. To get him out of the cage you need to equip the iron boots and use the hookshot on the circular symbol on the forehead of the stone monument.

            2. Dude I have no idea what you’re talking about tbh. I’ve 100% this game 3-4 times and I don’t remember this at all. You’re probably just confused on how you’re supposed to progress. Just look up a guide because, no offense, i think you’re doing it wrong.

    1. Apparently there’s still secrets in the original Mortal Kombat that people still haven’t discovered, according to the programmers who made the game.

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