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The Creator Of Dark Souls Feels That The Series Is Unworthy Of Being Compared To Zelda

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Dark Souls, took part in an interview with Rolling Stone. At one point, Rolling stone says “many journalists over the years have said that the Souls games, from Demon’s on up through Bloodborne and Dark Souls, is what The Legend of Zelda should have evolved into. How do you feel about that comparison”? Miyazaki responded by saying that “when I was a student, The Legend of Zelda was truly monumental, so to be perfectly honest, I feel deeply unworthy of the comparison. The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls are different games belonging to different genres though, and they’re guided by different concepts of game design. They don’t need to aspire to the same ideals. If there are similarities, they probably stem from the fact that The Legend of Zelda became a sort of textbook for 3D action games”.


50 thoughts on “The Creator Of Dark Souls Feels That The Series Is Unworthy Of Being Compared To Zelda”

    1. Yea, Bloodbourne could honestly be a Castlevania game. I think about Bloodbourne and Dark Souls 3, and niether of those games remind me at all of any Zelda game. Besides the main protagonist carrying a sword and shield, they really have nothing in common.

    2. You’ve just made me realize that Dark Souls would make a better Castlevania than the most recent Castlevanias.
      That and how much I wish whips were a viable weapon choice in the Souls series.XD

  1. These are just facts, basically The Legend of Zelda is the father of most games in recent history.

    And here it comes The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that’ll now become the best videogame in the history of the world.

    1. Spoken like a true Zelda fan. Nothing, not even HALO, will topple Zelda! Yeah, you Xbox lovers, I said it. You wanna a piece of a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan!? Then bring it!

      1. I have an Xbox1, and I sold the halo games that game with it. They are nothing compared to Metroid Prime, and Mass Effect has better storytelling.
        Personally, I think Halo fans just don’t know what they are missing.

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Nothing will ever top anything we made, so yes, satisfactory conclusion…||

      1. Well, yeah. If you’re a masochist.XD
        I kid, I kid. Dark Souls and Bloodbourne are great games, but they just aren’t similar enough to Zelda for it to be a good comparison…

      2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||One weapon doesn’t come close to Zelda, regardless of it being a masterpiece or not…||

      3. Is it true Dark Souls has an Eternal Darkness component? Like, a sanity effect?

        If so, I’d buy it in an instant.
        I would settle for an HD remaster of Eternal Darkness.

        1. Not really. In Dark Souls, there’s a mechanic called ‘Hollowing’, where your character will lose their ‘humanity’ and revert to a decrepit, corpse-like state after death. However, this doesn’t have too many outward ramifications like the sanity mechanics in Eternal Darkness. While hollowed, you can’t summon friendly phantoms or be invaded by hostile players. That’s about it.

          Bloodborne, however, has a mechanic where you accumulate a resource called ‘insight’ over the course of the game. It can be utilized as a sort of currency, but from a narrative standpoint, insight is literally the amount of knowledge your character has about the world and its happenings. As you gain insight, you’ll start to see things that you couldn’t perceive or comprehend before. Insight also makes you more vulnerable to ‘Frenzy’, a deadly status-effect that certain horrifying enemies can induce. It isn’t quite as unpredictable or nuanced as the sanity system in Eternal Darkness, but it’s still eerie and can lead to interesting surprises, especially on your first playthrough.

        2. Yea, Donstar summed it up pretty good. It unfortunately doesn’t have the sanity mechanic. Although that would be cool as hell if it did. If you decide to jump into Dark Souls oneday I would advise playing Bloodbourne first. Only for the simple fact it’s the best in the series.

        3. Waiting for an HD Remaster of Eternal Darkness with updated quality & maybe even better graphics will probably be like waiting for a remake of Final Fantasy VII. Sure we’re finally getting that remake but it took them nearly 20 years to finally do it.

  3. Both are among my favourite series but they are really quite different to be honest. Zelda is much more about puzzle and problem solving while DS is more about RPG elements and combat. I love his response though. Very respectful and kind.

  4. As the Biased “Die hard Zelda Fan” “Nintendo Fanboy for life” i must say i feel that Zelda is on a level high above all other video game franchises, and nothing else can possibly compete with its glory. If you disagree you are obviously wrong as my opinions are the only right opinions, and all who disagree are obviously complete morons. FOR HYRULE!!!

    P.S. The sarcasm is strong with this one;)

    1. If anything is ever gonna overthrow the Zelda franchise as the best video game series ever, it’s gonna be Xenoblade Chronicles or maybe The Witcher 3 by itself! Then again, with Breath of the Wild coming, the chances of other games overthrowing Zelda now has just dwindled considerably back down to 0%. Maybe if BotW wasn’t a thing, maybe, just maybe, Zelda might have lost it’s crown. But this is just my opinion. A Game Opinion! *wink*

  5. “many journalists over the years have said that the Souls games, from Demon’s on up through Bloodborne and Dark Souls, is what The Legend of Zelda should have evolved into.”
    Who are the dumbasses who said that?

  6. in other words many sony fanboy jurnos wrote total horse shit for years likely also say move is better than wii remote

    and psvr wont flop WHO ARE THESE MORONS

  7. I played Dark Souls for a few hours, but I gave up because it was too hard, both in terms of the combat and the lack of direction. But I could tell that it was a really well made game, and I bet that if I gave the it the time it deserves I would absolutely love it. Frankly, I think this developer is being a bit hard on himself. Yes, Zelda is awesome and has been for over a decade my favorite franchise, but I think Dark Souls is worthy of comparison, especially when compared to the slick-but-stupid annual releases from EA and Ubisoft. Also, yeah, BOTW is gonna be amazing, but in the years between Zelda games (of which there are many!) I don’t think using Dark Souls to scratch the itch is heretical.

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  9. People are constantly comparing other series’ to LoZ. The Elder Scrolls has been called “an adult version of Zelda” since at least Oblivion came out. The fact that DS and TES are in different genres than LoZ makes any comparison pointless. I think the only reason people compare them is because Zelda is such a classic, highly regarded series and they want theirs to be the same way.

  10. The last part is exactly right. There’s no comparison between the two. Each tries to do things it’s own way.

    I’m sick and tired of those I see around the net who say “Dark Souls is what Zelda should have become”. No, Zelda isn’t trying to be Dark Souls, and vice versa. Enjoy both for what each brings.

  11. I mean maybe they’re similar because they’re both 3rd person adventure games, but the similarities end there. Dark Souls is about challenging gameplay and action, Zelda is about charm and adventure.

  12. Zelda is gaming royalty, Dark Souls is a great modern franchise but that’s exactly the problem, it’ll take a long succession of great games for it to reach royalty status.
    In any case, DS isn’t similar enough to Zelda for a comparison,if anything it is more of a successor to Castlevania.

  13. I have to agree with him a bit. I’m no Dark Souls fun although I think it’s an interesting series that I do respect in a lot of ways. But after having played those games for a bit and then coming back to Zelda made me really aware how great the design of the dungeons is and how solid the controls are.
    There’s a difference that you can probably run through the entirety of Zelda without thinking much about these systems where in Dark Souls you have to be aware of them to get anywhere. I suppose the lesson is that a hard mode for Zelda (maybe harder than the ones we have now) would bring out certain qualities of the series.

  14. Dark souls? Eww. No thanks. People who said that must have never liked Zelda to begin with. For once I’m happy with what they do with Zelda games. Each game is something different yet familiar. If you ask me, Zelda is given much more love and care than Mario in recent years. Too bad for Mario but god damn do I love Zelda for being Zelda. Would hate it if they turned it to this masochistic NES-hard for no reason just to please 0.2% of gamers in their 30’s. Zelda doesn’t need to grow up with you. It should give new gamers the same experience we had with Zelda but even greater. And Breath of the wild is basically that. It’s like The first Zelda had a baby with OoT to grab only the best concepts we know and love and adding many new things as well. Sure we haven’t seen much of it yet but aren’t the things we have seen so awesome that we just wanna explore NOW? If Zelda is missing anything it would be as people said different modes. But not having hearts everywhere in the grass is a start. You’re gonna need to collect and cook that food as well as making sure you’re wearing the right clothes.

  15. There are lots of things the Zelda franchise should have evolved into years ago but the Souls franchise is NOT one of them. BUT Zelda finally seems to be evolving into something it should have turned into years ago now thanks to Breath of the Wild. Please, NX! Please be what I want so I can get BotW on Day! Fucking! One! If not, I swear I’ll wait a year or two when the NX is cheaper to play the game. Or maybe I’ll just cave & get it for my Wii U on day 1 just to play it once then finally chunk my Wii U into the void where it so rightfully needs to be. Such a failure should not stay in this world for too long or it might infect other stuff with it’s failure.

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