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The Voice Video Game Coming To Wii Rather Than Wii U

Perpetual Europe today announced that it has secured the UK sales, marketing and distribution rights to The Voice video game, due for release on PlayStation 4, Wii (Wii U compatible) and Xbox One this November.

The Voice video game features all the classic elements of the smash hit TV show including the famous ‘Red Chair’, ‘Blind Auditions’, ‘The Battle Rounds’ and more. Packed full of current and classic hits available to perform instantly in ‘Party’ mode, all backed with the official music videos. You can also live the full  Voice experience in ‘The Show’ mode where you take on the role of a contestant and sing your way through each stage of the show from ‘Blind Auditions’ through to the ‘The Live Shows’.

The ultimate party game this Christmas,  The Voice video game will be available at retail as a standalone game or as a bundle with two microphones:

  • RRP PS4 and Xbox One: £39.99 (game only) or £49.99 (game and 2 microphones)
  • RRP Wii (compatible Wii U): £34.99 (game only) or £44.99 (game and 2 microphones)

Key features:

  • 30 current hits and timeless classics including Justin Bieber,  Sorry; Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars,  Uptown Funk; Olly Murs,  Kiss Me; Queen,  Don’t Stop Me Now; James Blunt,  Bonfire Heart; Culture Club,  Karma Chameleon; Jess Glynne,  Hold My Hand; Bonnie Tyler,  Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Kaiser Chiefs,  Ruby.
  • All songs are accompanied by the official artist and music videos.
  • Multiple ways to play: ’The Show’ mode takes you through  The Voice contestant experience, from the ‘Blind Auditions’ and ‘The Battle Rounds’ to the ‘Live Shows’, or ‘Party’ mode gives you instant access to 30 current hits and timeless classics to sing solo or with a friend. Pick up a mic and become  The Voice!

Key product information:

  • Available on PlayStation4, Wii (compatible Wii U) and Xbox One from November 2016 from all good retailers
  • RRP PS4 and Xbox One: £39.99 (game only) or £49.99 (game and 2 microphones)
  • RRP Wii (compatible Wii U): £34.99 (game only) or £44.99 (game and 2 microphones)
  • UK Sales, Marketing and Distribution: Perpetual-Europe
  • Publisher: Bigben Interactive
  • Developer: Voxler
  • Age rating: 12+.

12 thoughts on “The Voice Video Game Coming To Wii Rather Than Wii U”

  1. At first it may seem stupid, but the audience they want to reach most likely has a Wii instead of the Wii U, and the U is dead anyway so not like they’ll earn sales anyway.

  2. so they go for an console with inferior specs rather than one that is closer to x360/ps3, i get the install base for wii u is low but that is ridiculous, that is like saying x-bone is getting assassin’s creed 5 but not ps4, ps3 will have it but not ps4.

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