Video: The “Would You Rather” Game Is Played On This Week’s Nintendo Minute

Kit and Krysta are back with a brand new installment of their weekly Nintendo Minute series. The duo decide to spend this week’s video by playing the “Would You Rather’ game. They elaborate more in the video description, saying that “today we’re playing the ‘Would You Rather’ game Nintendo edition! We’ve each written three questions for the other to answer. Hopefully these are impossible choices (muahaha!) We’ll leave the questions here so you can answer them in the comment section. If you have a would you rather scenario, share that with us too”! We’ve included the video, as well as a list of the questions that they gave, down below for you to check out if you wish.

  • Would you rather talk in the Bowser voice and uncontrollably breathe fire when you get irritated or talk like an animal crossing character with the only way to communicate with others being a word text bubble above your head?
  • Would you rather never be able to play a Mario game ever again or only be able to play the first hour of every game?
  • Would you rather have to wear a Samus helmet for the rest of your life 24/7 or be permanently attached to a Yoshi?
  • Would you rather delete your Animal Crossing New Leaf save file and start over or continue with your existing save, but never be able to pull weeds again?
  • Would you rather live in an alternate reality where Midna doesn’t exist or live in an alternate reality where Isabelle doesn’t exist?
  • Would you rather Have your cell phone ringer be set as an endless loop of “Hi I’m Daisy” from Mario Kart Double Dash forever or have your cell phone ringer be set as an endless loop of “I’m really feeling it” from Xenoblade Chronicles forever?



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