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Check Out This Line Of Nintendo Themed Shot Glasses And Bottle Openers

Nintendo may make their games child friendly, but not all of their fans are below the drinking age. Ink Whiskey LLC obviously recognised this when designing their “Bartendo” line. Specialising in novelty drinking paraphernalia, the Oregon based company has turned their hand to making Nintendo themed shot glasses and bottle openers. Their stand drew quite a crowd at New York Comic Con, primarily selling flasks shaped like NES cartridges. The best bit about the flasks are the hilarious drinking puns used for the labels. Check out some of their products below.

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27 thoughts on “Check Out This Line Of Nintendo Themed Shot Glasses And Bottle Openers”

  1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    The first orders “family friendly” attitude is about as consistent as ever. Though, I’m not trying to turn this into a censorship topic.

  2. I would be in a mood for a drink right now for tough times like this. I just can’t really stop thinking about what happened recently and want to do my best to really help.

    Again, I apologize for trying to make this topic a bit depressing because of my own troubles lately.

      1. I honestly would have preferred dudette, but that’s beyond the point.

        The thing is my boyfriend haven’t been feeling himself lately after the loss of his grandmother a couple days ago. What makes it so devastating for him is that this happened a year after he already lost another grandmother and he’s getting very very glum. First time I see him, he didn’t want me to come with him to pay her home (or shall I say her widower husband’s home) a visit. Second time, I see him in tears about having to talk with his pastor about fulfilling a role for the grandmother’s obituary when the funeral is set in place. Overall it’s been kind of a bad weekend for not only him, but also me since I wish there’s a way I can actually help him instead of being distant and placed on the sidelines until further notice. I know that he’s getting support from his family for times like this, but I wish I could do something about it since I’m the one who’s going to share my life with him in the future.

        That sums up everything mate. It’s just as sad as you’d expect.

        1. Oh, sorry, I was wondering, but chose the bad gender…
          To the point, I know it won’t help much, but you just have to give him a free space for a time. Most probably he just doesn’t want you to suffer, or, to see him suffering. Everyone has a different reaction when losing someone from family (for example, when I lost my grandfather, I shed one singe tear and from then, nothing). So as I said, just give him some free space and when he recovers, he will then come to you and seek additional help.

        2. Sorry to hear that youre having a rough time, it always sucks to lose family members. Just keep doing what youre doing and keep being there for him, because even in the most of dire times, things do get better.

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  5. So when can we expect people to bitch about this like some did with that glock being made to look like an NES Zapper?

      1. It was only a bigger issue because people made it that way. There was only one gun made that way & it was for a company friend.

  6. I got one of these shotglass sets off of their Kickstarter. I was incredibly disappointed. It was cheap quality & the dimensions weren’t right. It just looked like a thick green shot glass with a slight lip around the edge.

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