Video: Nintendo Imagined Stop-Motion Outtakes From Paper Mario: Color Splash

Nintendo UK has uploaded a new video to celebrate the release of Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is light-hearted, and it uses stop-motion to show outtakes from Paper Mario filming. Bloopers ensue, including Toads, Shy Guys, and Goombas. If you want to see the video for yourself, feel free to check it out down below.



    1. Well, if they fixed the Sticker Star issues, I can imagine so. Sticker Star wasn’t just a bad Paper Mario game. It was a just overall a bad, broken game.

    2. No. While the visuals and dialogue are great, the gameplay itself is still nowhere near as rewarding as previous installments…

    3. I really hope that the guys and gals who trashed it before it was even released will give this one a chance. If you approach it with an open mind it’s hard not to enjoy it imho. It’s a charming game with superb visuals and artdirection, great writing, really nice and catchy music and fun and accessible gameplay mechanics. It’s simply a good videogame at the end of the day. Very good one.

      1. ||What you described here is a movie or cartoon, where are the gaming attributes?…||

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