A Samus Aran Figma Is On Display At New York Comic Con

It’s not often that Tumblr is a source of Nintendo news, but an exception has been made. Good Smile Company has made a Tumblr post on their page about the third version to a Samus Aran figma, which is on display at New York Comic Con this weekend. It can be found there at Booth 422. Good Smile Company also posted a picture of Samus, which we’ve included down below.



Thanks, Darknova3529


  1. ||Oh yes, that’s my enemy Samus Aran alright. You humans will support the Empire by getting this glorious, miniature statue… Or else…||

    My Quadraxis impression

        1. ||The galaxy thinks she is their ally…Samus Aran can only spread suffering…||

          ||She is the enemy of all life…||

  2. Lately female Figma have tended to this small head problem, and here it’s exacerbated by the fact that she’s supposed to be wearing a huge helmet but it doesn’t seem to be much larger than the base head shape for the Archetype figures.
    Figuarts has the opposite problem, giving females heads that are far too large.
    Funnily enough this is a problem specific to female figures, with both male Figmas and Figuarts being very pleasantly proportioned.

  3. Her head is way too small. Just imagine if she took her helmet off. She would look like that guy from beetlejuice with the shrunkin head. wtf.

    1. Damn it! Another movie I should try to find so I can watch it for Halloween this year! I already got Ernest Scared Stupid taken care of thanks to DISH’s On Demand service. Just missing this & Hocus Pocus. Oh & I got Addams Family 1 in the mix, too. I should probably add a few horror movies to that list, though, since I got too many comedy ones. xD

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