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It’s The 4th Anniversary Of Bravely Default And The Team Has Teased News Soon

The Nintendo 3DS has become a gold mine of JRPGs and the Bravely Default series is regarded as one of the best on the platform. Square Enix’s official Bravely Default Twitter account has announced that today, October 11th, is the series fourth anniversary. To celebrate this they have drawn some commemorative art and teased fans by suggesting that we should expect some news related to the series fairly soon.

“It’s Bravely‘s four-year anniversary! We apologize as news has been scant recently. There may be something soon….!?”


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11 thoughts on “It’s The 4th Anniversary Of Bravely Default And The Team Has Teased News Soon”

  1. The second game isn’t as good as the first game, and its mainly because everything is too familar. If they make a third game they need to have all new characters from another timeline. They don’t need to try and stretch the same old story they have now into three games.

    1. You mean the second game isn’t as good as the first because the writing is atrocious and the music is mostly just plain bad (and the way they mispronounced Edea’s name… >_<). If they had kept the original writers and got Revo to make the music again, it would have been another fantastic game. Still good, but it could have been so much better. I hope they tighten the screws on the next game so it can live up to the quality set by the first.

      But I agree, they don't need to try to fit the next game into the same story, as much as I love the characters… Maybe they could still use some of them… make it a prequel or something…

  2. I loved Bravely Default!

    Bravely Second smoothed out the gameplay, and it didn’t have the atrocity that is Chapters 5-8. The voice actors were a lot better in the sequel, even if the writing was poor in some areas. Magnolia was a great character imo,

    Also the music was fine. Bravely Default had a god-tier OST, and Bravely Second had some great tracks as well

  3. I was going to get Bravely Default digitally to put alongside my digital copy of Bravely Second but maybe I should hold off in case this 4th anniversary buzz involves a better version of Default. Preferably an uncensored version but I know that’s not gonna happen with Nintendo’s claws in the publishing rights of it’s US release. A price drop would be nice, though, since I’ve already owned the game physically so a price drop of about 20 bucks would be welcomed.

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