Wall Street Journal Reports That A 2016 Nintendo NX Reveal Is Still The Plan

Every week a rumour pops up saying that the Nintendo NX will be unveiled this week or next and we are in mid October and we’ve heard yet to nothing about the platform. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the system is still on track to be unveiled this year to the general public. We have got the investors conference on October 26th and many expect the system to be unveiled before then or at least mentioned by Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima. When do you think the system will be unveiled by Nintendo?


Thanks Mike S for the tip.


              1. Being on another site in a Star Wars article right now, I have to ask what you thought of the Star Wars prequels & now the sequel of The Force Awakens. Yay or nay?

                1. ||My rank and title is self-explanatory and order 66 is the best thing to ever translate into my own order 99, the Purge of The Xbots…||

                  1. True. Silly of me to ask. No way a hater of the prequels would use so many clips, pictures, & lines from those movies to get their points across. xD

    1. Reggie- “whats the new nx rumor”
      Employee: “nx will be revealed in october”
      Reggie:”lets not do that”
      Employee: “my god your a genies”

  1. I’m done speculating about the NX…

    At this point I think that not even Nintendo knows when they’ll be revealing it.

  2. Damage control. First they claimed the reveal is coming this week. Now that they realize it’s not going to happen, they try to regain their credibility by playing it save. Everyone knows the reveal is coming this year. This is the OFFICIAL date. How desperate must the Wall Street Journal be to consider this news?! And how desperate must mynintendonews be to report this?

  3. I can only imagine shue and phil at the edge of their seats with each of these rumors lol then being disappointed and telling there R&D team to wait another week. XD

  4. Well they need to reaval it anytime you know because we are getting sick of waiting around for the announcements. Nintendo is making a big effort for the NX system and they are ready to launch it in there markets.

  5. “Time waits for no man!”

    William Schallert from House Party 2.

    Nintendo have until December 20th to reveal the NX platform.

  6. The lack of a reveal is probably the most successful publicity Nintendo could have done with the NX. Look at us, every crumb and rumor that comes out has us (and even some non Nintendo fans) chomping at the bit for more info on the mystery system. Ingenious I say, ingenious.

  7. Right now, Nintendo is walking towards the edge of a cliff. If they dont reveal it soon, they are going to lose people to Sony and Microsoft. It sucks, Im a life long Nintendo fan, I’ve never bought systems by the other guys, but its hard to stay loyal when they arent giving us shit. Nothing for the wii u over the last 6 months, except Paper mario and Fire Emblem FE#, and Yooka laylee is the only game to look forward to, so as a Nintendo gamer this last 6 months has been worse than the months between the wii u’s release and MK8. Im debating buying a PS4 at this point, and it really makes me sad. I fucking hate Sony, but I want some games to play, and they actually have some…

  8. I got a fucking PS4 with a backlog of 12-15 games that is amping up to only get even bigger over the next few months along with a 3DS with a backlog of 3 or 4 games and even I’m getting tired & annoyed with the wait. Sometimes, it flips to no interest at all. I should be the last person upset over the lack of NX news but I am. Just goes to show how strong of a hold Nintendo still has over me. @.@

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