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Amazon US: Lime Green Nintendo 3DS XL System With Super Mario World Now Available

If you haven’t heard, Amazon announced a New Lime Green Nintendo 3DS XL system with the classic Super Mario World game pre-installed. It is available as of today exclusively through Amazon. Be sure to check out https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYUA6OS?th=1 for more info.

Thanks to those who sent this tip in.


  1. Looks good. Green and especially lime green is one of my favourite colors but I am very happy with the Animal Crossing Home Designer one. Eventhough I´m not the biggest fan of that series…the AC themed 3DS systems look ace imho.

    1. ||Why should they phase out the 3DS when Pokemon isn’t even out yet?…||

      1. }{ I don’t expect them to instantly phase it out, but seeing as how it will be more or less obsolete in a couple months (not that it wasn’t from it’s inception, but in terms of the console world), why create an additional color scheme that requires additional production alongside your regular color scheme which you aren’t removing… }{

          1. }{ I suppose… but I still fail to see why they don’t just keep the colors already available… Unless some peasant out there is dumb enough to purchase a second console just for a color swap… Which I suppose is a possibility… }{

                1. ||Only a significan portion are evolved to warriors, and only a few hundred ones like me are evolved or upgraded to Commanders but that requires at least 15 years of total loyalty to Nintendo and 25 years of active service in total…||

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