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Nintendo President: Wider Array Of Nintendo Switch Accessories And Add-On Hardware Coming

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has told Bloomberg that there’s a wider array of Nintendo Switch themed accessories, or what he calls ‘add-on hardware’, coming to the platform. Kimishima also revealed that he was surprised after Nintendo’s stock dipped after the Nintendo Switch reveal and says that he doesn’t understand why. You can read his full comments to the publication, below.

“By no means was that everything,” Kimishima said, referring to a video a week ago that introduced the product’s name and showed Switch being used as both a console and portable device featuring modular controllers and accessories. Nintendo’s stock declined after the three-minute clip was released, which Kimishima said was unexpected.

“To tell you the truth, I was surprised,” Kimishima said. “I don’t understand why.”

“Kimishima suggested that the Switch is part of a bigger ecosystem. “It may be appropriate to call them accessories. Or it might be better to call them add-on hardware. It’s probably more correct to call them accessories. You can assume that there will be a wider array.”

“As for Switch’s software, he said Nintendo made a deliberate decision not to disclose specific titles: “One thing we still can’t show is the software lineup. We want people to touch the device in January and experience the software for themselves.”

“Nintendo envisions many different scenarios where Switch can be used, such as a family, one person alone — or even by someone who doesn’t have a TV, Kimishima said. “What you see in the video, however, is the core product,” he said.



  1. “Kimishima suggested that the Switch is part of a bigger ecosystem“ (Hybrid ecosystem)….smh

    1. If it’s anything it’ll be like the different versions of any handheld they’ve ever released. You won’t need to buy more than one to play all the games.

  2. The stock likely declined because while it was very exciting to see, and they did a great job showcasing the POINT of the console, it still left too many questions unanswered.

    If they had confirmed a game besides Zelda, something that showed off the horsepower of the system, shown the price and what the expected battery life was going to be, and they were positives, they would have likely seen the stock go up. It’s odd to me (and maybe investors) that you have a console releasing in like 5 months, and all we know is what it looks like, what the point of it is, and that it’s getting Zelda, but literally nothing else about it. It’s too close to launch to not start flooding the market with hype.

    1. It declined because it wasn’t the PS4 or Nintendo going full Mobile, most investors don’t care about the product just the money and that is why I think Nintendo should go Private or get a group of wealthy people that do care about Nintendo to buy up all the stocks as there is no winning with their current Investors.

      1. That was one thing that I loved about Mr. Iwata, he had no problem snubbing his nose at shareholders. Rich people like to think that they can control everything (Trump), but they cant. It’s too bad that most CEO’s in the USA are complete sellout puppets.

    2. The average video game buyer learns of games through commercials and in store advertising. That do not happen until closer to launch. It is plenty of time. One week is plenty of time. Commericials are big business in all industries whether it is tv, radio, or online.

  3. Investors already don’t like what he’s doing. The fact that he said he doesn’t understand why the stock price fell doesn’t make him look good. I think it was obvious the stock price would fall. Investors didn’t see what they wanted to see. They only saw another gimmicky console, but I don’t think that matters though. All that matters is what the consumers think. The price is already on its way back up. This is a good start to Nintendo getting back on their feet.

    1. this console isnt gimmiky (at least from what we know)

      you can play this like a regular console if you want to take it on the go if you want but if you want it to be this is a regular console

      1. I agree. I don’t think it’s gimmicky at all. I was just speaking from the viewpoint of the major investors. All they see is a gimmick. They have their “Show me the money” blinders on.

        1. Then please don’t use “gimmicky” and Switch in the same paragraph…..

          To anyone who thinks the Switch is gimmicky, I ask, do you mean gimmicky like the Dualshock 3 and 4 controllers, the PlayStation Move, the PlayStation VR, the touch back of the Vita, the Kinect etc…you mean like that? For me playing a game on my TV and then taking it with me when I leave…the exact same game exactly where I left off is not a gimmick…PERIOD!

          Gimmick must be the new buzzword for fanboys. If they don’t use or understand something, it’s a gimmick.

          1. Gimmick is used as a bad word when it can be good. Gimmicks is the reason I buy products. Why buy one TV over another?The gimmick is the separator. It could be as simple as price. TV with no features but cheaper than TV B with a lot of features. Is the features or gimmicks worth the extra price. Everything has a gimmick. Store brand vs national brand. What makes a person buy the national brand. Taste, the name, the ingredients, questions people ask themselves when they buy items.

            1. Yeah. Gimmick isn’t a 100% negative word in the broad sense. But I will say using the word gimmicky is definitely more than not a negative word to use.

          2. I used the word gimmick because that’s the word being used by people who view the Switch negatively. I could use a different word, but I don’t think the message will be as clear then.

            1. It’s just buzzwords now like epic, irrelevant, or proper when describing games or companies. They are in sports too like bust, elite, superstar.

          3. Did you just call the Dualshock 4 gimmicky? xD It’s a traditional controller based on the wide used standard that even Nintendo uses today with controllers like the Wii U Pro Controller. It’s no more gimmicky than that nose on your face. As for the PlayStation Move, you essentially called motion controls gimmicky when it’s become a bit of a standard in it’s own right. Even Nintendo still uses it for the Wii U & 3DS. What exactly do you think the gyro controls in the Gamepad & 3DS are!? I’ll give the other crap you mentioned a pass because I do consider those gimmicky.

            Anyway, you go on about gimmick being a new buzzword for fanboys yet you are the one acting like a fanboy & getting upset because someone dared to use the word to describe Switch. Whether you agree or not, others do feel it’s a gimmick as some probably won’t even use the portable aspect of the console. Whether it will prove itself to be more than just a gimmick remains to be seen as the Switch could easily be a bigger failure than Wii U if Nintendo majorly fucks up at any moment. I honestly hope the Switch can prove itself to be more than just some gimmicky fad. As of right now, we don’t know anything for certain.

          4. Uuuh yes, just like the dualshock, move, kinect, etc. GIMMICKY. Sounds cool cause it hasnt been done before (except the psvita actually did do this already), but what situation are you gonna leave the comfort of home to drag a big ass screen around?? When mommy and daddy drive to Olive Garden? Cause that’s the only time to use this, as a passenger in a car. Why would you walk down the street with your nose buried in the screen, might as well stayed home. And it doesn’t fit in your pocket so it isn’t convenient like a DS (which had street pass and easy wireless play).

            Think kids. This isn’t impressive and the average consumer won’t care.

      2. Not only not a gimmick, but where the industry is headed. Microsoft is using their own version of sorts, allowing you to play your game on XBOX One and a computer. Same principle, if not as easily portable as Switch is. Same principle though. Console to laptop. It’s what people want. Whether this is how they want it remains to be seen.

    2. Actually it’s quite the opposite, investors were expecting something more gimmicky than the switch claiming the switch doesn’t “attempt to innovate” the gaming industry enough.

      1. A gimmicky product and an innovative product are two different things. I’ve seen investors say that the Switch is not innovative, but they’ve also been saying that it looks gimmicky. One comment I saw said “nobody wants a Wii U 2”. I’ve also seen people say that this can’t compete in terms of power, Nintendo should be more focused on mobile, this needs to have VR/AR, etc.

        1. I think the stock might be going down and it will reach its limit. I mean I don’t know much about stock and all but I think Nintendo is keeping track of the Wii U sales.

        2. Gimmicky and innovative isn’t the same thing, but investors don’t use the word “gimmicky” and we don’t use it in the proper sense either.

          Investors either want something that will grab the casual market, a “new” way to play, or nintendo to go back to mobile. The first 2 are usually what the gaming audience (not investors) will tend to call gimmicks. Unless the casual market is grabbed by a specific software.

          All nintendo did was simplify and add convenience to what we already do, don’t see anything special about the switch because it does what we already do or want to do but better and more comfortably.

          1. I agree that you won’t see major investors at Nintendo’s meeting use the word “gimmick”, but I have seen people who invest in Nintendo use that word. That’s why I put the word in there.

            1. I guess that’s the people side of investors. I wonder what’s their track record. That may determine if what the saying makes sense or not. Some investors invest in other gaming companies so they may have a different expectatiin.

              1. It’s tough to say. Sometimes the people on those sites will talk about how well they’re doing, but you can’t really confirm it. There are plenty of people that are just on their to troll, or simply don’t know what they’re talking about.

                1. Yeah, that definitely happens. There are also paid shills on websites to cause trouble. You never know what the motive is.

    3. Stocks always go up and down. Investors are people that make choices the feel is right. If Pepsi came out with a new soda called guts stocks would fall even if majority will say it taste better than the original.

      1. If it was released at this Halloween time of year it would probably do well. I certainly would be inclined to drink a nice refreshing cup of guts.

      2. Hey! That’s a good idea, actually! Pepsi & others should come up with some gimmick name for their drinks during certain holidays! Same goes for KFC, Burger King, etc when it comes to the holidays. Release a special kind of meal that’s holiday themed depending on the holiday. It’d definitely make the less major holidays feel special if every food & drink business released a special kind of food, drink, or meal during the month of every holiday.

    1. Who knows. Maybe all the eShop games will care you over. Just updated like iTunes updates in a way. That would be the smart thing for them to do. But who knows if they will.

    2. We don’t know if the Switch uses motion control or not so it may not even be compatible with MP Trilogy

    3. Nintendo already converted Metroid Prime 1+2 to run with the WiiMote. Might be harder to convert MP3 to run with analogsticks (and less fun).
      I can really recommend getting it on WiiU. Had a great time with it. But sure, there’s a chance they’re gonna release the whole trilogy as a remaster one day. especially if the Switch sells good.

    1. I rotate mine. Right now I have wii and Wii u set up and will replace the wii with the switch. The wii will go with the Gamecube in another room and the N64 will go into storage until I add on a gaming room to my house.

  4. Let’s hope the switch might be able to sold a million in a week next year. I think what he is saying that Nintendo switch be will less accurate then PS4 and XB1 I presume.

  5. The Stock Dropped because Nintendos Stock Holders are Heartless jerks who were disappointed to see that Nintendo has not gone full steam ahead into max-profit, minimum morality, ocd exploitive “Pay Per Jump” Mario Mobile games like they want them to.

    Honestly, it’s probably best if Nintendo’s stock Temporarily takes a further dip while all those evil idiots sell off ALL their Nintendo Stock, because I’d rather See Nintendo close it’s games division forever than become the company those Stock Market Devils want it to be.

    … SURELY, there must be some investors with actual Human Hearts out there, whom genuinely care about the industry and would be happy to invest, buy up those stocks, and stick around for the ride with one of the last companies still trying to stay ‘mostly’ out of the moral gutter.






  7. I honestly like the sound of this. Does that mean if the dock doesn’t do anything but charge the battery & stream shit to the TV that there will be add-on hardware that WILL boost power & shit!? As well as even add more memory!? It’d be nice to be able to buy a Nintendo official external HDD for it instead of having to hunt for an HDD that WILL work with it. Yeah. I expect there will be a bundle with some of these add-ons coming with it in a bundle. Better save up 500 bucks just in case that bundle is expensive. Might want to add an extra 200 for games.

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