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Yo-Kai Watch Sales In Europe Are Outpacing Sales In Japan

Yo-Kai Watch was given a little extra attention by Nintendo President Kimishima in the company’s financial briefing, saying that “in Europe, the first title in this series, Yo-Kai Watch, was released this year on April 29, with Nintendo of Europe managing distribution. This graph compares the sell-through in the European market with the earlier release in the Japanese market. It is easy to see that Europe is off to a strong start, outpacing the sales figures of the Japanese release. I am told that the Yo-Kai Watch toys are selling well in Spain and France as well, so we anticipate further demand as we head into the holiday season.”




  1. While this is surely good news for any fan of this series at any rate, I would also like to point out that Japan has a population of ~127,000,000 and Europe has one of ~742,500,000 people, so I imagine it easier to ship more units here.
    That said, it is of course good for the series that the trend caught on, and I believe that’s is the bigger feat.

    1. While that’s true, consider that Yo-Kai Watch is a very Japanese game by nature. It’s easier for such a game to click with Japanese people than to click with other people.

  2. wow, I bought Yokay watch 2(never bought the first one)this week, it’s super cool, Im loving the game, the characters and the art style of it. There are so many stuff to do, and Im still on the beggining of the game

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