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Level 5 CEO Discusses Nintendo Switch Support

Last year Level 5 announced that Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is coming to PlayStation 4. However, it looks like their CEO is at least considering a Nintendo Switch release for the game. In an interview with, Akihiro Hino was asked about his opinion on the Switch. Even if they don’t release Ni no Kuni for the system, they are sure they will eventually release a game for Nintendo’s upcoming console.

“We plan to make games for Nintendo Switch, but I think it’s very important to find out the best way to get the most out of the console. For that reason, we won’t have any titles at launch, but we’ll work with it as soon as we figure out how to take advantage of it.”

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  1. I keep seeing many companies are interested in the SWITCH. Though I believe many companies are gonna wait until that first initial year the SWITCH is out seeing how well it does. & watching the audience it’s suited for.
    If it’s truly meant for the hardcore then all other companies will develop games. If this is another ploy by Nintendo to pull in the casual “Wii” fans then those quality AAA developers will back off!!

    I hope NINTENDO does right by us this time.

  2. Man, I’ getting a little excited… this thing seems to be getting a lot more support than the Wii U… I can only remember like only 3 developers being excited about the Wii U when it was announced.

    1. Oh, many developers had expressed interest for the WiiU before it was released. The current situation isn’t really much different than what was happening back when the WiiU was officially announced, it really doesn’t mean all that much.
      Actions speak louder than words, so people will have to wait and see how many of these developers will actually end up supporting the system. It’s unlikely for any developer to straight out say they have no interest in a system that’s not even out yet. Saying they’re interested is anything but a guarantee they’ll support it in the end.

      1. People need to quit bringing up the wiiu. It had little to no marketing when it was released. Meanwhile, this is something the gaming community new about from before it was out, and is going nuts over now. This got a head start before it even got started.

        But hey, the Virtual Boy failed. I guess we can use that as an example too?

        1. Quality comment, as usual.

          Of course people will bring up the WiiU in certain relations to the Switch, it’s its predecessor after all, and it’s plausible to make comparisons between the two systems, for a couple of reasons. Why would people not bring it up?
          And how exactly does the Switch have a headstart over the WiiU, especially in terms of marketing? Because of one single 3-minute video that was shown 5 months before the actual release?
          Also, in this particular case, a comparison with the WiiU makes absolute sense, because, as I’ve said in my previous comment, the WiiU had experienced a very similar treatment from developers prior release, and it still got shafted, so I personally am very aware that this kind of talk from developers is surely nothing to get your hopes up about.
          I would recommend doing some research to find out about all the positive comments developers made about the WiiU before it was released, it’s not that hard. There’s even a whole video with various developers praising the WiiU, which is absolutely no different than what’s happening with the Switch right now.
          Did I say that this evidence for the Switch being doomed to fail? Certainly not. But is it a reason to get excited? Certainly not.
          So before you share your nonsense with us, try to actually understand what I’m saying.

          1. ||The Switch will be a success as long as High Command supports it throughout its entire existence in the spotlight…||

            ||They better not have any more serious droughts this time, that’s was the main problem of them all…||

            1. Exactly. Steady support from Nintendo themselves + 3rd-parties, and effective marketing would bring in a pretty damn good chance for success.

              1. ||I’m sure they have gotten the message that supporting civilians is a futile attempt, now that we have the Mobile Infantry, we can most logically be assured that we won’t be seeing much nonsense weaponry on the Switch like the Wii U had…||

                ||The FF-Virus, Mario Party 10, AC Festival, Paper Mario Color Splash and a few others are evidence of that…||

      2. That 3 minute clip was better marketing than what Wii U had on its lifetime.
        Nintendo has to have their games ready for launch this time, and Zelda alone will do a lot for it.
        Splatoon, even if a port, will mean good things for Japan.

  3. It Would be nice if they already knew how take take advantage of it? Hasnt it been a year since Nintendo gave out development Kits?

    And still dont know how to use the Switch?
    Now Grunty has an itch. I guess us Nintendo fans will just simply twitch waiting for this.

  4. It amazes me I know how to take full advantage of Grunty’s pitch with the rhyming witch. Too bad Microsoft is such a b***** won’t let Banjo come out with another hit or at least come out on 3ds or the Switch. Im sorry tall didnt mean to snitch but I had a fit.

  5. While Grunty is in the talking mood, what the hell are this developers are they fools?

    All hyped up about making games for the new Switch and said the same thing for Wii U and and complained about the sales being litched because the Project Cafe’s power didnt make fit. You think Grunty is going to fall for this? I’ll believe them when I see it.

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