Wii U Sales Are “Too Weak” To Justify A Slain! Port

It’s starting to look as though Slain! won’t ever be released on Wii U. Sales of the console are “too weak” to justify porting the game, according to Digerati Distribution. The Wii U version was originally targeting a 2016 launch, but the developer has since changed its mind. Slain! revolves around a lycanthropic hero named Bathoryn, who seeks to liberate seven towers from seven deadly overlords in a Gothic world.

“No, we can’t confirm Wii U date, or that it is happening just yet,” the developer said. “We were hoping it would but sales on that platform are just too weak to justify the port from what we have seen.”

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  1. “Sales are too weak”
    What else is new?
    This has been a well know fact for a while now.
    What’s stopping you from switching it over to the Switch instead?

    1. Reportedly, the game is pretty mediocre. A friend bought it & states the gameplay is repetitive and boring.

  2. Can you really with straight face tell me, that this is not the first time you hear about this “game”?

  3. I have it on steam. It looks good and it’s a little cool, but nothing so special to get salty about.

  4. 13 millions units, Xbox one is 20 millions shipped and 40 millions for PS4…. so sell are low well that’s not news isn’t it. But again bear in ind the game in on different platform already and it does not seems they going to add any bonus. So it make perfect business sense.

  5. The Wii U has a great attach rate. If anything, the fact that not many games are being released for the machine is a good reason to get your game on there. People that have Wii U are pretty faithful to their machine – and they’d have likely bought this game. Especially if they got it out for Haloween.

  6. Eh, not gonna lie I wouldn’t have bought if they did port it. I’m ready for Switch so the only games getting my money are really good ones or at least ones that I hear are a must buy…

  7. Aww, these guys are so nice! After disappointing everyone else on pc and ps4, they went out of their way to save us the disappointment and our hard earn cash. You guys rock! I wish more developers were like them and kept their shitty games off our consoles. :)

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