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Rodea The Sky Soldier Kadokawa Games Interested In Nintendo Switch

Kadokawa Games, the development studio behind the long delayed Rodea the Sky Soldier on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, has expressed an interest in developing games for Nintendo’s next generation platform, the Nintendo Switch. Kadokawa Games president Yoshimi Yasuda said that he wants as many people as possible to experience their games and believes that the Nintendo Switch and also Steam will allow them to achieve this.

“We would like to deliver our games to as many peoples as possible, in the best route possible. Therefore, in the future we would like to look into the Nintendo Switch or Steam and any other hardware that has an install base.”

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  1. Well, that would be great, hopefully they can release their game finally and make some new ones. Maybe just put the Wii U version on the Switch so it’s got another launch window game maybe.

  2. Hopefully there isn’t another Rodeo situation with this where the intended version is a pack-in.

  3. Why is it mynintendonews was so interested in Rodea the Sky Soldier to begin with!?

    I knew just by watching the trailers that the game looked as bland as stale bread, and that’s how it ended up.

    So why make an article about it knowing the game sucked?

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