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Rumour: Japanese Journalist Details Nintendo Switch Nvidia Architecture

Japanese journalist Nishikawa Zenj has produced a report on 4Gamer about the upcoming Nintendo Switch and its likely specifications. Zenji reports that the Nintendo Switch will likely use the Nvidia Pascal ‘Parker’ architecture for the system GPU. He also claims that the special Tegra chip could allow Nintendo to enhance the system much like Sony has done with the PlayStation 4 Pro. Zenji is the same reporter responsible for predicting that Sony would released an technically enhanced version of the PlayStation 4 which we now know as the PlayStation 4 Pro.

  • Switch will likely use the NVIDIA Pascal ‘Parker’ architecture for its GPU
  • the Tegra chip inside the platform could help the Switch evolve just like the PS4 and the PS4 Pro
  • There are no indications that Nintendo will opt for the ‘Maxwell’ architecture within the Switch
  • The custom NVIDIA chip will feature a floating-point performance around 1 TFLOPS
  • There is almost “no possibility” that the Switch will perform above 1.5 TFLOPS due to the battery drive inside the Switch

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Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the news tip!


    1. Some of the RAM has to be used for the OS, but Nintendo is good at keeping the amount needed low. The Wii U used 1GB of ram. If they can keep it that low with the Switch, it’s definitely within the ball park of the XBO in terms of Teraflops (XBO is 1.3, so 1-1.5tf for the Switch is right on point) and only 1GB short of the PS4/XBO available ram (and they don’t really utilize all of that ram anyway, the 8 is for “future proofing” etc)

      The Switch is the weakest of the 3, but the difference between the Switch and the XBO is about the same as the difference between XBO and PS4, which is not much, and hardly worth noting.

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      1. Portable Operating Systems tend to take up less than a Megabyte, so it could be possible NIntendo is using extra 500MB RAM for the OS as that wouldn’t cost them much, plus, it’d open up to 4GB for the games.


      2. That’s not true in the least bit. Android, iOS, and Windows all take up hundreds of megs of memory. Even MinWin, which is the bare minimum amount of code needed to run Windows, is 25MB on disk and at least that much in memory.

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      3. They’re gonna want to have one background application as well. The reason the Wii U only needed 1GB for its OS is because it treated the Wii U menu as its own application so it didn’t store it in the system half of memory which is why it had to load all the time. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to fit that in 1GB as well, especially if they use memory compression well.

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      4. Wii U OS did not even need the full 1 gb.
        There is no chance that the background processes on Wii U used that much.


  1. He’s comparing Parker and Maxwell like they’re both GPU architectures. Maxwell is a GPU architecture, Parker is the code name for the Tegra X2, which uses Pascal.

    As for the theoretical FLOPS, they’re irrelevant because you can’t use them as an absolute indicator of performance and they’re just listing the theoretical maximums of the X1 and X2. This doesn’t feel based off of any new info.

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    1. Yeah, mixing those two things does make me question his understanding of all the other points. Especially in terms of FLOPS, there might confusion between single precision and half precision, largely thanks to the way nVidia markets the X1.

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  2. I can’t believe they are blowing it again. In a year or two 3rd party support will drop because they are designing for real home consoles. Not something that can only do a terraflop because of battery constraints.

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    1. It can’t do more than 1.5 teraflops, but that doesn’t mean it will only do 1. Besides, the XBO only does 1.3, so there’s no reason to freak out LOL… That means the Switch is at least in the ballpark of XBO. This isn’t a bad thing. The support won’t drop unless the user base doesn’t exist. Power isn’t going to be an issue, and neither is the architecture this time, like it was with the Wii U.

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  3. This is great. While it’s a bit under the XBO when it comes to Terraflops and RAM, it’s still in the ball park of that system, with similar architecture, so ports, unlike on the Wii U, will be easy, and not require much tweaking.

    If the rumors are true, and the Switch has a “lite” OS like the Wii U did, it’ll only be 1-2GB of ram behind what’s available for games on PS4 and XBO (Both have between 4-5GB of Ram available for games, and don’t use all of it, they are “future proofed” with the total of 8GB) and it’s 1-1.5 teraflops performance level is right where the XBO is (1.3 teraflops) so this thing is actually in good shape.

    The difference in power from the Switch and the XBO is the same as the gap between XBO and PS4. It’s negligible, and ports will be really easy. No major change in code like the Wii U required, and it’s plenty powerful.

    Nintendo was able to push out rock solid 1080p 60fps experiences on Wii U with it’s funky architecture and half the RAM. This system is aiming to be 1080p 60fps for most if not all games, and it should be able to do just that, with most titles. There’s no reason it can’t. The Wii U pulled it off.

    This was a good choice by Nintendo. They’re back in the same league, using the same type of architecture, meaning they can have near perfect ports of any game that comes to PS4/XBO, and also be completely portable. How can you possibly complain about this?

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      1. I too, would have preferred separate devices. They still could have used the same or similar architecture, and share most of their games, just with the home console having some games the handheld would not have been able to run (this gen).


    1. Anybody who says besides what you just said doesn’t know what they’re taking about. Also, Nintendo has ALWAYS been about story, gameplay, and character more than graphics. I’d prefer those three things any day. But it’ll be a big bonus having better visuals than the Wii U too.


      1. Sure but Nintendo games derserve to be a 10/10 and that includes graphics in my book. I also don’t wanna buy a Playstation just so I can play games like Final Fantasy and Street Fighter to name a few. I got 40 games on my ps3 that no Nintendo console can play wich is stupid if you ask me. Back in the days this wasn’t an issue.


    2. “There is almost “no possibility” that the Switch will perform above 1.5 TFLOPS due to the battery drive inside the Switch”

      This could mean the Switch is actually ABOVE the Xbox One and don’t forget, this is Nvidia tech we’re talking about. Nvidia are well known for pushing the limits when it comes to their graphics chips.


    3. Actually it’s above the Xbox One in TFs. The Xbox One has 1.3 TFs while the Tegra X2 (Parker) is said to have 1.5 TFs. Most likely in portable mode the Switch will be underclocked to having a 1TF performance ratio for battery power reasons but when docked the NS will be capable of outperforming the base Xbox One system. As for the concerns of the NS only having 4GB of ram is not a problem at all. The convenience of the Switch using cartridges will elminate the need for some much ram

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    4. We have no idea what’s memory bandwidth is. It could just be 25.6 GB/s which would mean it has 1/7th the amount of the XBO or PS4. If the use eDRAM, it shouldn’t be an issue though.


    5. What this really means is, developers can’t complain about how difficult it is to port to because of odd architecture or a weird CPU.
      Even Unreal Engine 4 will work with it.. and that’s saying something.
      You also need to realize that the API being used is called the NVN a modified version of Vulkan, the new API that came out not long ago.
      A good API can make all the difference in the world.
      And i believe that devs will have a hard time saying no anyhow, as this is a handheld AND a home console… and devs seem to always want to support Nintendo handhelds.
      BUT and this is a HUGE but…. it depends on how well it sells, and how many people are willing to buy it.. pricing will play into that.






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  4. 1tflop to 1.5tflop are exctly in line with pascal tegra EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS THIS I DNT NEED JAPANSSEY MEN TO TELL ME WHAT IS ALREADY OBVIOUS

    this is the parker tegra x2 gpu we all already know is in it

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      1. Would people shut up about SCDs? That whole patent was about distributed computing like Folding @ Home, it wasn’t about providing the system with enhanced graphics. To improve on the graphics via a dock, they would need an extremely high bandwidth port and it would still be more straight forward for the dock to just start replacing internal hardware as the memory architecture would change.

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      2. You never know if the SCD will come to the Nintendo Switch. There is a very strong possibility this patented unit will connect it to the Switch’s docking unit to add more RAM, up the resolution to 4K (if possible), and other things that will make you lose your mind.


  5. Love the Nintendo love here. I love Nintendo too but if the rumors are true then the Switch will suffer the same fate as the Wii U. The Switch will be competing with Xbox Scorpio and PS Neo. As much as I hate to say it, power and tech matters and if the Switch can’t hang then it’ll be treated as a 3ds duplicate and who needs 2 of those? Nintendo better have good news come January 12th.

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    1. Never underestimate Nintendo, Isaac. You are aware there’s an invention called Non Disclosure Agreement. And in that invention, publishers, developers, and designers cannot give away details on Nintendo’s new system. A next generation home/mobile platform is NOT competing mid-gen systems– Project Scorpio and PS4 PRO. That’s a telltale sign of both damage control and double standards. A rumor is like reading The National Enquirer or watching TMZ. Don’t believe what you read on the Internet… unless it’s officially confirmed by Nintendo, NVIDIA, and The Khronos Group. Nintendo will deliver more info on the Switch and its architecture and games on January 12. Have patience and use it wisely.


  6. with less heat and power than a wiiu switch could be 2.5ghz cpu and 1.5ghz gpu theres no reason not to when docked

    xboxone has a 800 and something gpu clock on a 28nm 2012 gpu @ 1.5ghz the dual 3d engines inside the gpu would destroy the xbox one and so would the 16 rops etc anf the shaders will be tricked out for fp16 bit rather than fp32bit add bettewr pixel memory and col,or compression and a way way better cpu than jaguar
    the parker tegra or a funky version of it will be jst fine and way above a ipad pro in handheld mode

    also remeber the to the metal custom nvidia api


    1. You’re compare two different GPU architectures from two different vendors and all consoles use low-level APIs, Switch wouldn’t be the first.

      Also the A9X outperformed the actively-cooled Tegra X1 in the Shield TV. When the X1 was used in a tablet, it’s clock speed was reduced from 1Ghz to 850Mhz and performed about as well as A9X when half its memory band was taken away and about the same as the A10 Fusion.


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