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New My Nintendo Rewards Are Available

A variety of new My Nintendo rewards are now up for grabs and there’s plenty to choose from. The rewards are available for both North America and Europe so whatever region you’re from there’s something for you. Here’s what’s available so far:


  • 30% off Typoman (Nintendo Wii U eShop): 250 Platinum Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 25% off Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure (Wii Download on Wii U): 300 Platinum Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 20% off Pocket Card Jockey (Nintendo 3DS eShop): 10 Gold Coins Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 50% off KORG M01D (Nintendo 3DS eShop): 80 Gold Coins Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 15% off Ultimate NES Remix (Nintendo 3DS eShop): 300 Platinum Coins [available until February 1st]

North America

  • 30% off Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii Download on Wii U): 70 Gold Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 30% off EarthBound (Wii U Virtual Console): 40 Gold Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 30% off Kirby Super Star (Wii U Virtual Console): 200 Platinum Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 30% off EarthBound (3DS Virtual Console): 40 Gold Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 15% off Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (Nintendo 3DS eShop): 600 Platinum Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 20% off BOXBOY! (Nintendo 3DS eShop): 100 Platinum Coins [available until February 1st]
  • 20% off BOXBOY! (Nintendo 3DS eShop): 300 Platinum Coins [available until February 1st]

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38 thoughts on “New My Nintendo Rewards Are Available”

  1. So that’s it then? From now on we are just getting discounts, no more games?

    Very annoying, especially since most of these discounts are for games that only cost $10-$20 anyway, meaning that the discount is only about $3 to $6 or so… the only exceptions are the 3DS games, which are so overpriced to begin with that the discount barely even brings the price down to “reasonable” territory. I mean, Sticker Star can be bought used on Amazon for 5 years since release is absolutely baffling, especially considering how many games that are that old or “younger” have gotten the Nintendo Selects treatment. Nintendo’s decisions to drop prices for certain games and not others are so arbitrary; I can’t find any pattern whatsoever

    I miss being able to use this program to get FREE virtual console games and FREE DLC. I know Nintendo isn’t obligated to provide a rewards service, but if they’re going to have one, why make it so silly?

    1. Not sure whether I was tired or my computer botched my comment, but I MEANT to say “I mean, Sticker Star can be bought used on Amazon for about $10, and the fact that Star Fox 64 3D still costs $40 after 5 years since release is absolutely baffling, especially considering how many games that are that old or “younger” have gotten the Nintendo Selects treatment.”

    2. Yeah, I hate how the new reward program is just a bait to make you buy games that don’t sell well. Like a synthesizer emulator or a 10 year old Wii game. I also hate how the coins become void after a few months. You can’t even collect them for something good. You have to spend them before they vanish or buy more games to earn enough coins for the item you want. It’s a win-lose situation. Guess who’s the loser!

      1. P.S.: In the N64 days you collected stickers and got one free game of YOUR CHOICE for 6 stickers. Or in other words: Buy 6 games and get the 7th FOR FREE! I miss the times when Nintendo was still awesome.

      2. The fact that you can’t save your coins is made even worse by the complete lack of knowledge of what’s to come; for example, I don’t want ANY of the games available right now, but I’m considering buying some discounts (ridiculous in its own right) just because I’m worried next month will be even worse. Now, if the rewards were consistently good, this wouldn’t be an issue, but since they are getting worse every month….

  2. Welp, My first reaction was, “Crap! I should be more involved in the new Nintendo rewards, I don’t even know if I’m signed up since they closed the last one!”

    Then I finished the article, and was like, “Oh I see. I’m not missing a damn thing.”
    This is even worse than when the last Nintendo loyalty program was giving away games everyone already had.

    I won’t lie, this looks really pathetic. If this is what being a Nintendo fan is like these days, I feel sorry for this gen. Back in my day…. Well, being a Nintendo fan was exciting and rewards were exciting, and aww fuck it.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||I’d say wait until the Switch is released, if the rewards are still almost irrelevant then they should just focus on the Switch arsenal…||

      1. Nintendo Second Order Commander Quadraxis

        | Hello, I am your new partner sent by Nintendo themselves to help in extermination of the filthy Xbots, Sonyans, and PC Corps. I am now telling you that you must obey my every order or else Nintendo will delay the switch and announce defeat to the Sonyans. |

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||I’m giving you one chance to change the gravatar or you will be legally punished by your laws…||

    1. Actually, I’d like to see Tingle’s Balloon Fight, and Tingle’s Rupee Adventure (or whatever those games are called). After all, if they can release Warioware Touch, why not those ‘never released in America’ games?

  3. Between the fact that I already own all the games worth having that they usually offer these discounts on and the fact that I wouldn’t want to spend my coins or real money this way regardless, it looks like I’ll be stuck holding onto them until they expire and getting nothing. Cool.

    Hoping that they’ll be better put to use when Switch releases but sheesh.

  4. I don’t feel like I’m being rewarded for being s Nintendo fan anymore. I guess we were just spoiled on Club Nintendo. There’s just no incentive to build up coins. I have all these expiring points and nothing to spend them on…

  5. I guess my 200+ Gold Coins that I just barely missed Luigi U on will just fade away when April comes. Why would I want to spend Gold Coins (that I spent money to get) so that I can spend more money on games I don’t even want (or already have)? I wouldn’t think adding a few full VC rewards would take much effort, and those are at least less likely to be owned (at least on that console).

    At least Club Nintendo didn’t have coins expire so soon and it actually had new rewards every month, instead of continual disappointment of hoping Nintendo will finally do something right with MyNintendo when they probably have just given up on the site now until the Switch comes out. In their mind, I guess they think that they would only be appeasing two dying consoles’ fan bases by doing anything with their rewards program.

  6. I dont know how to spend my points… I already have the majority of these titles… If the goal for this program is to say thanks for Good nintendo customers, it a total miss.

  7. No new games or themes, then? The reward for paying more for digital… is every 10th purchase you an pay retail sale prices!

    My rewards will literally just expire at this point. IN NA, we don’t even have the Samus theme or any VC games to choose from.

  8. I only wished Nintendo would have released the Mario Kart Trophies here in North America, then I would of supported them more on game titles.

  9. if this keeps up, all my coins will all expire unused.

    Nintendo shuts down Club Nintendo, and offers a new rewards program. Their brilliant idea: Let’s give them coupons. YAY! Everybody loves coupons.

  10. “This programm sux xddddd”

    only when the switch is released can we truly say that. if Mynintendo is kept the same after the release of switch then we can say this programm is godawful

  11. So Earthbound is on there twice, once for Wii U and once for 3DS and are treated as separate discounts?

    I pray that starting with the Switch, Nintendo puts an end to this buy-multiple-times crap and embraces a universal, cross-platform system.

  12. The only things I spent my coins on were the LOZ Picross game (which I 100%-ed), WarioWare Touched (on a handheld system, like the actual release) and four exclusive themes (that don’t really expire).

    I still want my Four Swords Anniversary, my platinum rewards Mario figure, and my Gold Wii Nunchucks. Give me a reason to visit their site and services each week.

  13. Nintendo can take my coins for all I care :P Nothing ever worthwhile to spend them on anyway….My Nintendo pails in comparison to what Club Nintendo used to be. I know Nintendo doesn’t have to give us anything but come on! What they have now is pagthetic. Physical rewards? Right yeah Still waiting on that..and waiting…and WAITING!

  14. If this doesn’t get any better when Switch DOES release, they might as well have fucking stayed with Club Nintendo. Least with that, you could get digital games for free! What’s the point in a so called rewards program if all you ever get is fucking discounts!?

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