Capcom Wants Monster Hunter To Grow In The West And Feels Handhelds Are Limiting Sales

Capcom has suggested that the Monster Hunter franchise may make the move to home consoles after stating that sales are too low on handhelds in the west. While handhelds are extremely popular in Japan they only account for 10% of the dedicated video game market in the west. The company has said that it is taking the proper procedures to make sure that the Monster Hunter franchise grows overseas.

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    1. Putting the franchise on Switch would be the perfect solution. They’ll still have the handheld demographic locked in Japan and the West will be more inclined to check it out since they can play it on their TV’s.

      I can see the Monster Hunter franchise going to PS4 and Switch in the coming years.

      1. If Toukiden, Koei Tecmo’s Monster Hunter replacement for Sony consoles since MH is on Nintendo, stays popular, Monster Hunter will have some tough competition when and if they go back to Sony consoles.

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  5. In the past I’ve said that Nintendo has shaped hardware or introduced peripherals to keep Monster Hunter. I’m now convinced that the promise of more MH helped drive the hybrid concept.

  6. Yes please more home console Monster Hunter games thank you Capcom for not wanting to neglect us in the west 😊🎉🎊🎉

  7. Make it less of a grindfest, add enough upgrades that you can comfortably stick with your weapon of choice, and don’t do stuff like add 5 new big monsters in a row in the lategame, and I’ll support your game series.

      1. Thats the thing. Capcom is the developer and publisher (at least in most regions) either way, the ip belongs to capcom.

        Honestly, theres so much secrecy and precise wording at this moment, and its very exciting to be a fan lol.

  8. Wouldn’t be surprised if they started making them for PS4 and maybe Xbox One. If they have to put console effort into making the Switch version they might just decide to bump up the graphical quality and throw it on the other two…

    But MH as a Switch exclusive would be great for Nintendo.

  9. Well they have to be happy with what they got since mh got a good position now thanks mostly to nintendo and the 3ds.

  10. The odd thing about this is that the handheld versions tend to have considerably more sales than the console versions they’ve put out over the years. Some of their best sales were on the PSP, but MH4U and MHG have surpassed quite a few of those numbers thanks to high sales in the west. But with the switch being portable, yet still technically a home console, it would definitely be the next smart option to go with if they won’t move Frontier to the west.

  11. Starting by letting us in the west play the already existing Japan Exclusive WiiU Monster Hunter game (Frontier G) and the already existing PC game(s?) would help … please, thanks.

    Also … Monster Hunter 5 on a new engine, optimized for NS would be AMAZING. (Even if it is also ported with enhanced graphics to other platforms as well)

    Nintendo Switch would be PERFECT for the definitive version of the next Monster Hunter game. Being able to play on your TV in 1080p for the big, intense online battles, while doing all your more mindless grinding in mobile mode, would be great. I’ve found settling in to a comfortable chair/seat while mining for ore or grinding weaker monsters you can beat in your sleep while watching something else on the TV, riding public transportation, or on lunch break at work/school is the Optimum way to MonHun (because it takes way too much dedicated time, otherwise).

  12. Hopefully it will have improved visuals for an NS version. But i am expecting the new announced XX to be ported on the NS… but with improved graphics kinda like in Tri for Wii U.
    I hope they bring back the multiplayer like in Tri, but better, where both can go and grind on monsters and make the story coop for offline.

  13. This is just reaffirming my believe that MH5 will be on the Switch. MHXX kinda threw a wrench in my thought that it’d be in the launch window though, I think they’d want to avoid having two games right up on top of each other like that.

  14. Being on handheld also limits the graphics. Koei Tecmo’s Monster Hunter replacement on PS4, named Toukiden, has great graphics. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter is still stuck with low quality Gamecube graphics.

      1. Still way better looking than Monster Hunter. Least Toukiden doesn’t suffer from jaggies or fuzzy. Least none I noticed, anyway.

      1. Not all games did, though. Like Eternal Darkness, for instance. Well… That game’s graphics weren’t exactly bad but they weren’t great, either.

      1. Yes, MH has been exclusive to Nintendo for some time now. Exclusivity changes over time and from game to game. If Capcom makes one single game that is exclusive to a certain console, that means it’s an exclusive to that console. Capcom has developed MH3, MH3U, MH4, MH4U, MH Generations, and MH Stories exclusive to Nintendo consoles. Thats every major release of a Monster Hunter game since 2011. Now if your just wanting to argue, which i’m sure you are, then Capcom has recently re-released some older Monster Hunter games for the PS3/PS4. I think MH Frontier or something. Oh, and they have also released some phone games…

        So anyways, like I was saying. I hope Nintendo doesn’t lose MH as an exclusive….

        1. I was talking about the franchise as a whole. If Monster Hunter goes to anything other than Nintendo, it’s not that big of a deal because it has been other platforms before.

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