Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Says Wii U Production Is Continuing

Despite reports from Eurogamer, Nintendo has said that production of the Wii U has not come to an end. In an interview with IT Media, a Nintendo representative claimed the reports were simply “not true.” It looks like the company is hoping to sell a few more consoles before the Switch comes out next year.

“Even though the Nintendo Switch is slated to go on sale, [Wii U] production is scheduled to continue.”

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    1. It might have hdmi pass through. And would be nice if switch tablet could be used as the gamepad.
      But I doubt there would be much integration, since Wii U is PPC and switch is ARM.


  1. Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen a revamped Wii U slim. Given it a bigger hard drive and put a big marketing push forward.

    Listening to that cretin Reggie bang on about how an 8gb model is completely FINE because we want to give consumers the choice – totally disgusting.


  2. Um, hello? Breath of the Wild, it’ll be out next year? That’s probably one of the reasons Wii U production continues, so others have a chance to play it, if they don’t wanna Switch up consoles. See what I did there? Man, the Switch will be awesome!

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  3. It feels like Eurogamer has been harboring a lot of false clickbait lately. I seem to remember them being at least somewhat trustworthy (unless Nintendo is lying, which is likely).

    I guess maybe a Breath of the Wild bundle and then Nintendo will finally quit Wii U production.

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  4. OMG and the switch is going to be better? NOT!!!! that looks like CRAP anyway…no backwards compatibility…no touch screen? controllers SUCK-ASS!!!! EPIC EPIC FAIL!!!!!

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  5. I don’t know if or when the N Switch will have the N64 games so I have no choice but to buy the Wii U when the opportunity arrives (Chrismas). I really want to play DK64 since it was one of the best 3D games I have played and also there’s a lot of things to collect to reach 101%.


  6. Now I can still get the Wii U because my dad stepped on mine, and now there’s A big mark on my Wii U.

    If Nintendo made the gamepad work with the Switch, thin it can work as the second screen.

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