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Nintendo Says Wii U Production Is Continuing

Despite reports from Eurogamer, Nintendo has said that production of the Wii U has not come to an end. In an interview with IT Media, a Nintendo representative claimed the reports were simply “not true.” It looks like the company is hoping to sell a few more consoles before the Switch comes out next year.

“Even though the Nintendo Switch is slated to go on sale, [Wii U] production is scheduled to continue.”

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46 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Wii U Production Is Continuing”

    1. It might have hdmi pass through. And would be nice if switch tablet could be used as the gamepad.
      But I doubt there would be much integration, since Wii U is PPC and switch is ARM.

  1. Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen a revamped Wii U slim. Given it a bigger hard drive and put a big marketing push forward.

    Listening to that cretin Reggie bang on about how an 8gb model is completely FINE because we want to give consumers the choice – totally disgusting.

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  4. Um, hello? Breath of the Wild, it’ll be out next year? That’s probably one of the reasons Wii U production continues, so others have a chance to play it, if they don’t wanna Switch up consoles. See what I did there? Man, the Switch will be awesome!

  5. It feels like Eurogamer has been harboring a lot of false clickbait lately. I seem to remember them being at least somewhat trustworthy (unless Nintendo is lying, which is likely).

    I guess maybe a Breath of the Wild bundle and then Nintendo will finally quit Wii U production.

    1. They nailed the nx… But since Emily took the credit piggybacking a group of people are making it seems as if it was all her

  6. Then what was the point of the 3DS Direct!!!?

    Also, what do they plan to accomplish with the Switch!?

    No one likes the Wii U, except SMM fans and people to don’t want to re-buy the same Wii U games on the Switch!

  7. OMG and the switch is going to be better? NOT!!!! that looks like CRAP anyway…no backwards compatibility…no touch screen? controllers SUCK-ASS!!!! EPIC EPIC FAIL!!!!!

    1. The Switch is better off without backwards compatibility right now, the prevailing rumor is that it has a 10-point multi-touch screen, and the Pro controller looks great.

  8. Why!? Just stop already! It’s dead & not many people are buying it!

    Just fucking die already, Wii U! Fawk U, U!

    1. Not to mention If more people start to advertise the Switch, Wii U’s sales are gonna take a huge dump! Just give it up already!

  9. I don’t know if or when the N Switch will have the N64 games so I have no choice but to buy the Wii U when the opportunity arrives (Chrismas). I really want to play DK64 since it was one of the best 3D games I have played and also there’s a lot of things to collect to reach 101%.

  10. Now I can still get the Wii U because my dad stepped on mine, and now there’s A big mark on my Wii U.

    If Nintendo made the gamepad work with the Switch, thin it can work as the second screen.

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