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Japan: Miitopia Coming December 8th And Special Nintendo Direct On November 5th

The mysterious Miitopia for Nintendo 3DS was teased during the Japanese Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo Direct earlier today. We know next to nothing about the game or application, but all that should change on November 5th as there’s set to be a special Nintendo Direct all about it. Miitopia is due to be released in Japan on December 8, 2016 and will cost 4,700 yen. The Miitopia Direct will air November 5th at 8:00pm JST and a special demo will be available to Nintendo 3DS owners shortly afterwards.



  1. My guess is this is a more fleshed out version of Find Mii, basically a turn based rpg game with all your miis but with maybe more of an open world?

    Either way, I hope it makes it out to the west.

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