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Travel To The Unova Region In The Latest Pokémon Generations

Pokémon Generations is back with its thirteenth episode. Continuing our journey around the Pokémon world, this week’s episode is the first set in the Unova region. We are slowly nearing the end of this awesome series, the eighteenth episode due to be the last. Check out the video below.

3 thoughts on “Travel To The Unova Region In The Latest Pokémon Generations”

  1. When was the last time we saw one of the main characters from the main Pokemon games appear in these? I think it was the one with Kyogre.

  2. This reminds me. I loved how the final battles with the villainous team takes place AFTER you’ve become Unova’s Pokemon Champion in Black/White. This is the only gen where the bad guys were actually more important than everything else.

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