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Eurogamer Details Some Games They’ve Heard Will Make Nintedo Switch Lineup So Far

Eurogamer’s very own Tom Phillips has listed the first party titles he has heard will be available during the Nintendo Switch launch in March and shortly after. Many of you were expecting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to be available at launch but we’ve since heard from a number of people who say it simply won’t be ready for March. Still Eurogamer seem confident that we will get the 3D Super Mario title in its place so it’s all good.

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    1. Maybe it is only a list of projected first party titles? Also am I the only one hoping we get a Sunshine sequel sometime during the Switch generation?

        1. It might not have sold well, but it was a great game. And if the Switch has analog triggers then we might get a remake or at least a GameCube Virtual Console release.

          1. mario games sell based on qoulity sunshine is AWFUL

            we want sysetm sellers not system fails sunshine is a mess and had clunky as fuk controls TOTALY AGAINST WHAT MARIO STANDS FOR

            1. While Mario Galaxy was one of the best mario games I ever played it was way to easy though i had 40+ lives within 2 hours or so and died like 6 times while completing 100%

              I don’t remember allot about sunshine only played it ones but it was allot harder I think.

          1. ||The ones that didn’t like any type of core weaponry must be decimated…||

    1. I don’t understand at all, for 20 years they always released game once a year. And every time there is a new game, the previous ones are pretty much obsolete in terms of competitive and stuffs. And after a new generation, the remake or the third game would be made on the same engine and same console. I pre-ordered Moon and now I’m hearing my game will be obsolete in 4 months, and it’ll be a third game! Meaning I need to buy a whole new console in order to actually play the extended story. This is some EA level milking attempt. -_- Such a bullshit. I understand they want to move away from 3DS but this is not how they should be doing it. I’m trying to cancel my pre-order right now just in case the rumors are true.

        1. Not trying to get anyone ;_; Been playing Pokémon since first gen and I’m a huge fan and loved every single game and Pokémon and I’d love to get the games on Switch as well as long it’s a portable console I’d be fine and happy with it. But this is just nonsense in every single way. They announced Sun & Moon 7 months before release but no word about Star until 3 months to release when we have to buy a brand new console for it and right after the original games come out. What about Global Link compatibility? What about Pokémon bank? And what will the competitive lean towards? When ORAS came out X/Y were not included in tournaments.

          Also that ”real” Pokémon fans are the ones who are asking for the Pokémon MMO that’d be horrible and the least complex thing ever, I guess. They just finish the games and stop playing probably, I’ve been playing ORAS for over a year and never got bored of it. But in 3 months we won’t even have time to finish the games let alone breeding or shiny hunting -_- This just doesn’t sound right at all.

          1. I feel your pain, I’m in a similar boat. I started with Blue version, played everything up to what I’m playing now, which is Alpha Sapphire. And I’m seeing what they’re doing now for the new games and I feel it’s very rehashed and unoriginal. Apparently the they’re doing well already so that’s good. I personally want no part of them.

          2. ||Stars is a Switch port of Sun and Moon at its current state, you don’t need to get it if you have the 3DS ones unless you are extremely picky…||

  1. Seems like a pretty lackluster list of first party releases for Switch launch. Without Zelda Breath of the Wild I am not to excited for the Switch launch. I really hope some good 3rd party games get released on it for launch as well. Ie. Not Just Dance level shet.

      1. from a realistic point of view, breath of the wild is a day one seller. Im sorry, but im more exited for a game ive seen 12+ hours of than a game ive seen 6 seconds of.

    1. Laura Kate Dale already said that Skyrim Remastered Edition will be available for the Switch on launch day and in my opinion that is not at all a lackluster 1st party list but hey to each their own

  2. If Breath of the Wild doesn’t come out in March, I have no reason to get a Switch day or even month 1. I’ll just wait til it does release. Of course, it won’t matter when Breath of the Wild comes out if the Switch doesn’t have a universal account system so I can back up my save data & digital purchases and don’t have to worry about losing them because of stupid console locked bullshit.

    1. If it lacks that, I’ll just get the new Zelda on Wii U. Maybe even go back & pick up some other games I skipped over like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fatal Frame 5.

      1. what!!!! you don’t have xenoblade chronicle!!!! (say the RPG maniac). I am with you on that zelda thing and to be I don’t intent to have the switch in the first place as they are a lot of wii U games I want to purchase. Unfortunately my car needs to be repair and I have to wait before I can purchase Bayonetta, Mario land 3D and Bayonetta. I have Xenoblade Chronicle X and it’s a very long game so as for £($)/content ratio you wont be disappointed (well that my opinion).

  3. Oh hi! I’m Tom Phillips. The NX will be revealed in September! I promise!
    … It wasn’t?
    Ehh… Uhh… It was supposed to be revealed in September! Mario just wasn’t ready then! Yeah! That’s it!

  4. If this indeed the launch day/launch window 1st party lineup then the Switch will be a force to be reckon with when it hits the market. No wonder Nintendo is making a short supply of Switch units….they want the demand to be super high and that is a ingenious plan. A 3D Mario title built from the ground up for next gen hardware and a console version of a mainline Pokémon game will alone will make the Switch one of the most wanted gaming devices if not THE most wanted gaming device

      1. Says the hypocrite who enjoys playing mindfuck instead of playing games for a living. Troll harder, TheLulzyfaggot. You’re losing.

  5. 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and main series Pokemon are certainly heavy hitters if this is true.

    Add in Splatoon and Zelda not too far down the line and it’s a pretty sizable 1st-party line-up.

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