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Mario And Rabbids Crossover Rumoured To Be A Fire Emblem Style RPG

You may have heard the strange rumour that the Nintendo Switch would feature Mario crossing over with Ubisoft’s Rabbids. However, the rumour is getting even stranger. According to one source, the game will be a Fire Emblem style strategy RPG. Does this game interest you? Tell us below.

36 thoughts on “Mario And Rabbids Crossover Rumoured To Be A Fire Emblem Style RPG”

  1. Sorry but I play games for the story as well as the game play. Ubisoft said they want to cut down on having stories and if this is the first of many that has a “game play only nothing else matters” focus then consider me officially completely 100% not interested in any of their products.

      1. Why are you still on this site? You know everyone in here hates what you have to say right? Ubisoft has said to journalists that they will be focusing less and less on story in the next few years. So he has a valid point being concerned about story. RPGs usually have a strong emphasis on story. Why dont YOU go watch cutscenes on a ps4, and leave us actual Nintendo fans the fuck alone.

    1. I need to buy a new game..which would you recommend? never played any of them…
      Super Mario Maker
      Xenoblade Chronicles X
      Star Fox Zero
      Twilight Princess HD

      1. xenoblade if you wanna play for long sessions.. or TPHD if you havent play the original.. if you want something more relaxing try starfox.. and if you really like creating levels and playing others levels go for mario maker

      2. Star Fox Zero if you don’t mind the controls, but its a pretty short game
        Xenoblade if you liked the first one or generally like RPGs, its a massive game though the main stories kinda sorta short.
        Twilight Princess is Twilight Princess, if you played it before you shouldnt really prioritize it but i think its aged pretty alright personally
        Super Mario Makers alright if its your kind of thing, if youve seen a trailer or two then you already know what its all about

        personally i’d say xenoblade

      3. I’m going to third on Xenoblade. I got a solid 70 hours on it. Sadly the end game material didn’t catch my interest though… =/ It’s got a wonky sound track, cute customization, and a very different combat style. (All things I liked about it.)

        If you’ve never played TP though that’s definitely worth playing. I’ll probably be crucified for saying it, but it’s my personal favorite. (Though I haven’t play Skyward Sword)

        SF Zero was really fun, for about five hours. I even resold my copy, not because of the controls but because it was so short and it didn’t seem worth doing all the side stuff.

        SMM I have not played. But I’ve played plenty of Mario games.

      4. }{ Not mario maker, unless you enjoy banging your head against a desk at how bad most of the levels are… Xenoblade’s a pretty good game, honestly probably the best one on the list, but whatever you do… READ THE MANUAL… Don’t get SF0… just don’t… and you should get TPHD only if you haven’t played the original… There isn’t enough new content to justify any sort of purchase… (and for those questioning how I know all this, PC is supreme, but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with the rest of the industry)… }{

        1. Not unless he wants to power up his Wolf Link amiibo so he can have an ally with plenty of health in Breath of the Wild when, and if, he picks that game up. There are a number of Twilight Princess HD games being sold that are still bundled with the Wolf Link amiibo.

        2. Twilight Princess HD and Xenoblade Chronicles X are good if you want to play longer games sessions (Twilight Princess is more slower paced and about action and sometimes puzzles, while Xenoblade X is about exploration, story and strategy, and you can choose at which pace you want to play, and both are amazing looking games). Super Mario Maker is good if you want to play many different levels levels at once, and Star Fox Zero is a game where you play a few levels a lot of times to finish them, and get to alternate routes and find the secrets, and both can be played in shorter sessions, and look simpler, and require you to be very precise. So, if you want a long slow-placed good-looking game, play Twilight Princess HD. If you want to explore a huge beautiful world and fight colossal enemies with a great focus on strategy, get Xenoblade Chronicles X. If you want to play a game a lot, but in quick sessions and have it never feel the same, get Super Mario Maker. If you want a fast-paced more difficult game with lots of replayability and that requires you to pay attention and get skilled to go through the levels, play Star Fox Zero. Hope it helped!

          1. I think it’s pretty sweet your into it. I wish I could say I was. For me it’s just comes down to if I really want to spend $50-60 on this when I could possibly get Mario, Zelda, Skyrim, or Splatoon instead.

        3. Hmm, well I certainly love me some Strategy RPG’s. :)

          A Mario-themed one sounds intriguing, though I’m not sure about the Rabbids part. Oh well, I’ll make a judgment if it turns out to be true.

        4. Both the Rabbids and the Minions were a mistake. Only being milked to death because children can’t get enough of these annoyances.

          Knew it a Mario & Luigi style RPG was too good to be true.

          1. I personally enjoy the Rabbids, as something for films & TV shows as I have no experience with them in the games, and the Minions. I find them funny in an adorable way. And I’m freaking 29! Sorry but it’s not just kids that like them. @.@ lol

        5. I want the AAA games from Ubisoft, not crappy shovelware with a Mario makeover to sell more copies! If this rumour is true, it’s obvious that Ubisoft doesn’t believe in the Switch and plays it save by only spending $100k development cost for a minigame collection. I mean, after all that praise from Ubisoft’s CEO, it would be like flipping the bird, if all they come up with is a stinkin’ Raving Rabbids game noone wants!

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