Target: 10% Off All Video Games & Systems With Code

With Black Friday fast approaching retailers are really looking to get your custom. US retailer Target is currently running a 10% off all video games and video game consoles. To get this deal all you need to do is enter the code: TECH presumably at the checkout. This applies not just to video games and consoles, but to all electronics. You can have a browse of the site, right here.


  1. i don’t do black fridays when it comes to passing through a huge crowd of people or setting up tents and spending the whole intire day and night, then wanting to go into that said store just to get what you want that very next day. i don’t do it and don’t care for it.

          1. they allowed transvestites and males into women’s restrooms. There was a massive boycott afterwards and their sales have been tanking since, but they refuse to accept it was their fault.

            1. Seriously? Even if they did ban them, it wouldn’t stop the real sexual deviants from sneaking into the opposite gender bathrooms. If anything, banning them is only punishing the innocent ones that were honestly born with the wrong body. You can preach the Bible all you want but that good book doesn’t take into account the decades of progress into medical, genetic, psychological, etc science that prove the reproductive process is NOT perfect & people are born with the wrong body parts at times. Some people honestly are born with the brain of a woman but the body of a man. Or vice versa. After all, believe it or not, all of us were originally conceived as, dun dunn dunnn, female! Over the first 3 months, if I remember my biology correctly, the fetus either stays a female or turns into a guy. But sometimes shit happens, shit goes wrong, & BOOM! You are born with the body of a man but still have the brain of a woman since only your outside appearance changed over the 3-9 months in the womb.

              But hey! If you want to let a book decide your way of thinking and remain close minded even when science proves your thinking WRONG instead of using a bit of common sense, an open mind, & human decency, I can’t stop you.

            2. And don’t try the “but the children” cop out argument. Children shouldn’t be going into public restrooms BY THEMSELVES to begin with!

      1. A human can’t be born a duck but a human can damn sure be born with the body of a human man but the mind of a human woman or vice versa. As I said above in different words, there is a lot of things that go wrong in the womb & being born the wrong physical gender, sadly, is one of them. It happens.

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