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AM2R & Pokemon Uranium Are No Longer Nominees For The Game Awards “Best Fan Creation” Category

The Game Awards are more than a week away, but it looks like Nintendo wants to make sure that there’s no copyright infringement for the event they’re sponsoring. In fact, their efforts are so strong that half of the nominees for the “Best Fan Creation” category are now gone. Originally, the nominees were Project A2MR, Pokémon Uranium, Brutal Doom 64 and Enderal: The Shards of Order. However, A2MR and Pokemon Uranium are now gone. You can now choose between only Brutal Doom 64 and Enderal: The Shards of Order.

The Game Awards take place on December 1st.


99 thoughts on “AM2R & Pokemon Uranium Are No Longer Nominees For The Game Awards “Best Fan Creation” Category”

  1. Nintendo is pissed that fans made better Pokemon and Metroid games than they’ve made in recent memory. They should look at hiring these people, instead of shutting them down.

    1. AM2R isn’t better, it’s just as good as Nintendo. Pokemon Uranium? It’s infinitely worse than any other Pokemon game. I mean, I still love and play it, but the new Pokemon designs aren’t well made, the attack animations often lack a sense of power, and the story is cringe-inducing af. That’s completely ignoring the numerous game-crashing glitches, poor optimization, and generally bad control scheme.

      1. If it was a legit Pokemon game, it would be dubbed as the worst generation ever. I don’t get the mentality of how just the label “fan game” can make people less harsh when judging the game.

        1. At least AM2R was as functional and polished as Super Metroid. Pokemon Uranium had more bugs and glitches in itself than the entirety of the main series Pokemon titles.

      2. I can say AM2R is a lot better than Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion, and even has more liberty than those two, not to mention the music, about Uranium, there a few things I don’t agree, I had hours of joy with this but yes, it has problems, but it was another project taken down by Nintendo so probably we are not getting any update, but the challenge was good and the story quite original and interesting for a Pokémon game but is ok if your opinion is different, so i just apreciate the effort of these two games, and some fan games of Pokémon are a lot better than the oficial ones.

          1. That’s ok, me for example i do not felt them that way, and i felt some of the NPC’s a little less robotical, like the rival and a few Gym leaders.It’s not the best fan game that i’ve tried(Zeta/Omicron is) but it hooked me up a lot. But yeah, i needed more optimization.

        1. I would say that it’s very close to Super Metroid, possibly slightly better. I haven’t played it, but from what I’ve seen of it, they’re close in quality. I feel like if Nintendo started doing sprite-based remakes of classic games like this, AM2R is pretty damn close to what they’d make.

          1. Metroid 2 is such an underrated game from what I’ve heard that it deserves a remake similar to Zero Mission. It almost feels like the original Metroid trilogy is incomplete since Zero Mission was made so the NES original can be more similar to Super Metroid’s artstyle & graphics than the NES original yet Return of Samus hasn’t gotten it after all of these years. You would think Nintendo would get the hint already that people want Metroid 2 remade. If they already have their own remake for Return in the pipeline & had it in the pipeline before AM2R was released, they need to tell us already & maybe some of us will back off a bit from them trying to shut down that fan remake as it’d make since to shut down a free remake that would cut into the sales of the remake you are making. If they aren’t remaking it, instead of shutting AM2R down, they should have paid these guys a small “thank you” fee for doing all of the work for Nintendo by buying the remake from them, have their guys give it a once over to make sure that remake was made to their liking, then boom! Nintendo will make money off of a game that a fan made that they barely had to put a dime into making. Everybody wins. Maybe even hire the guy that made it & put him into their developer program to train him to be a future Nintendo developer. I guess Nintendo just felt like flexing their muscles for some reason. But I digress.

            Maybe Nintendo will shock us somewhere down the line & reveal they shut the guy’s remake down because they did, in fact, hire the guy and he’s working on making the remake he made bigger, expanding it so it will have an ending similar to Zero Mission where they add a new, longer story.

  2. FUCK NINTENDO PEOPLE HAVE DEVOTED SO MANY DAYS INTO MAKING THESE GAMES AND YOU GO AHEAD AND DO THIS SHIT. But really, does Nintendo even care about their very small fanbase at all? First there was the Nintendo Creators Program for YouTube, then Nintendo removed the downloads for these fan games. NOW THIS!?!?!? ok I’m done ranting.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||You can devote all your pathetic life into a project that’s unauthorized, it’s still irrelevant…||

  3. So this is why we should try just as hard to get them in. I don’t fucking see anything from nintendo in the “fan” category. I’ve also sent a flash drive containing AM2R to the game grumps and Supermega for a lets play. Once it’s been posted online, it doesn’t come off, nintendo!

  4. Why are those other two okay but not AM2R and Pokemon Uranium? They’re all fan games, so I don’t see what the problem is.

    1. The problem is Nintendo are assholes that can’t stand the thought of a fan game showing up their official made shitty games like FedshitForce. That & this is essentially Nintendo RIGHT HERE!!

  5. I have to speak some serious words to you guys. There are laws on this planet. Those laws apply to everyone. If it’s illegal to use copyrighted material without permission, that doesn’t mean that it’s only illegal, when a company like Nintendo uses a character YOU have drawn. It also means that you’re not allowed to use one THEIR characters, without their permission! People tend to think that just because they’re “fans” or bought one of Nintendo’s games, they’re now entitled to use all the assets and characters of that game and do whatever they want with it. And to those Game Awards peeps: Have you lost you’re fucking minds, that you really planned to award people for breaking the law?!! Especially as the owner of a few of the IPs in question is a sponsor!

    1. What I don’t get is, how is making a fan game any different from making fan art? What about mods that use a copyrighted character’s likeness? Isn’t it all the same?

      1. Most of them, if not all, use sprites and music ripped from the original games. On this case, the people behind these Pokémon and Metroid “fangames” received money through these little projects, which is illegal.

        1. How did they make money though? If it wasn’t related to the game itself (or assets in the game), then it’s fine. Right?

        2. Can’t speak for Uranium, but no, AM2R did not receive any money for their work. It started out as a one man project for over 10 years with the help from a few more people down the road. They didn’t want to receive money for this exact reason.

      2. With fan art, you create your own drawings, you don’t copy paste anything. Also, those drawings don’t have an impact on sales numbers, they don’t compete with the games. Same goes for mods. If you modify a game you already own, it’s like tuning a car. Mods can’t be played without the full game. That Project A2MR for example wasn’t even a fan-made game, it was a remake. They did not simply use copyrighted assets for self-made levels, they copied the full game!

        1. It doesn’t matter if a fan game uses assets, copies another game, etc. Creators of them do not receive any profit and companies don’t have to worry about losing money. Nintendo does have the right to take these projects down, but it’s definitely not necessary. Just look at Sega and how many Sonic fan games are out there. The only thing Nintendo gains from taking down fan projects and doing shit like this is negative publicity.

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Except Nintendo is thriving regardless, the Segans need all the scraps they can get a hold on since they are still balancing between pathetic existence and extinction…||

        2. Little to nothing is just copy and pasted in the final version. All th music was recreated by various musicians. (You didn’t see Metroid Metal get taken down). All of the sprites were completely made for the game, inspired by previous installments in the series, mainly Metroid 2 of course. The game also features new areas to the world map as well as puzzles and upgrades that aren’t in the original game. Saying it’s not a fan game and only a copy paste project is just not true. Super Metroid Redesign fits that description better.

          1. I called it a remake and not a copy paste project! Only Nintendo itself is entitled to make remakes of its games and noone else!

              1. It’s still technically made by Nintendo because Nintendo ordered it. It’s not like someone unsolicitadly did a remaster and Nintendo greenlighted it afterwards.

    2. The problem is that derivative works are considered fair use. As a fan fiction writer, I have to agree to a set of terms that resets itself every seven days just so that I can be apprised of the “banned” list – or fandoms that I can’t write for on the platform of my choice.

      Fan fiction hasn’t really been tested much by the courts, but getting to the subject, Nintendo is wielding the DMCA to protect their trademarks, which is illegal. Though in the case of AM2R, an argument could be made that it is copyright infringement, but that is neither here or there in the grand scheme of things.

      Today is the day that The Game Awards dies again.

      1. AM2R is 100% illegal. AM2R infringes copyrights in every possible way! That’s the one example of which no judge on this planet will have doubts. In the other games the problem is the usage of names and assets. Again, it’s totally illegal to distribute a Pokemon (or Mario, Zelda…) game of your own that uses original art like sprites, names or music. This is NOT fair use, be it free or not!

        1. I get that AMR2 is illegal, not really defending it here. The entire issue at hand is Nintendo wielding a hammer when it should be using a scalpel in getting these projects removed.

          The point is that companies can (and do in the case of SEGA and Capcom) allow fan games to exist without hurting sales, just the opposite in fact. For example, take Taxman and Stealth (Christian Whitehead and Headcanon). They were fan developers that rebuilt the Sonic engine from the ground up, and their reward? They are developing the most anticipated Sonic title in the last 15-20 years with Sonic Mania, while Capcom has developed the mildly successful free game Street Fighter X Mega Man with fan development and official support.

          So, no, Nintendo has no excuse in not allowing derivative works to exist using Nintendo properties. It is that kind of thinking that caused them to sue Galoob and lose.

  6. stop being assholes. If Nintendo isn’t a dick about their copyrights now then they can’t be dicks about it when it’s too late.

  7. One thing is to make something fan made. For example the 2d halo is ok but just adding hd pixels to an already being sold games os not. Amr2 is just hd pixels same with pokemon uranium.

    1. If that’s what you think AM2R is then you haven’t played both the original and the remake. The remake is way more than a fresh coat of paint.

  8. AMR2 deserves more recognition is almost like a new game, it has everything that mades metroid great, with a lot of new things, and personally it has become one of my favorite videogames, but really, I thought this was the “open window” for the developers of this game, something good, but yet is another closed door. I am more than disappointed. I have not played yet Pokémon Uranium full version, but the demo was very good so i think it deserves more recognition too. Maybe someday or maybe not.

  9. Fuck you Nintendo. AM2R took over 10 years to make. The devs took no money for their work nor did they ask for any. If anything they just created lots of positive energy for official Nintendo Metroid games. I mean what’s next, are they gonna start going after fan art too, because it doesn’t represent their character in a way they see fit? If they want to go after copyright material, shut down people who actually profit off of Nintendo characters. T-Shirts, vinyl decals, prints, shit like that. Don’t stomp all over your biggest fans that spend literally years on a project because they love your characters so much. AM2R is the most passionate fan creation I have ever seen, and all Nintendo does is give them a big fuck you. Why anyone defends Nintendo on this is beyond me. Sure Nintendo has the legal right to tell them to shut it down, but is it worth looking like the biggest self righteous asshole in the gaming industry?

  10. someone should make a trap for that greedy employee and ask him or her and ask why he look to shutting down these people, rather adopt his fangames and hire them. Because after all “Screw the copyright, i’m ain’t make profit from this!” but if they say “no you will” ask for proof.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||That greedy employee is following our laws, it can’t do anything else, period…||

      1. How comes it’s your laws “it can’t do anything else”, periot? Since when your laws told to ignore your fans rather than admire them?

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||If these so called fans would be true ones then they would ask for High Command’s permission like I will do with my own little project one day…||

    1. At the end of the day, its still their property, and its not something they stumbled on, it took years to establish what those ip’s have become. It sucks, i know, but if they let at least one thing slide, then it could snowball. Its better to not take any risks.

        1. Ive always been very pro when it comes to intelectual properties and their owners right to refuse any copyright infringement. It sucks, but Im not going to be a hypocrite. If I owned anything that made me that ammount of money, I would try anything and everything from preventing that snowball effect.

          Im not going to say that im glad that Nintendo does this, because im not, its pretty messed up to treat your fans this way. BUT these ip’s do belong to Nintendo, and as owners, they have the right to defend them in whatever way they chose.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||To me, but it’s all useless since I have been granted freedom to delete these pointless futile threats…||

  11. Fuck that! Not only should AM2R win ‘Best Fan Game’ and ‘Best Indie Game’


    If you doubt me in any way about this, you clearly haven’t played it!

      1. }{ Companies are capable of turning a fair profit without lashing out at their more creative fans… Your loyalty to your overlords is to be commended as it takes a truly dedicated peasant to attempt to defend such stupid actions, but that does not change the fact that your loyalty is misplaced… Companies do not deserve our money unless the actions they take and the content they produce are of adequate quality… anyone who bought Federation Force has clearly forgotten this (sorry other non-pc commander…) }{

        1. I agree, Nintendo can be a bit messed up, but fans could go about a different way of showing their creativity. Look at Axiom Verge, that is down to the teeth a clone of metroid, but the guy that did it was smart about it. He didnt call it a metroid game, he made it his own game. If these guys didnt try to put the metroid brand on it (which they did) then Nintendo wouldnt have had to take actions. Im definitely not defending Nintendo, but like I said, had these guys been smart about it, then Nintendo wouldve definitely not bothered with them, and they couldve made a profit of that game.

          1. }{ The issue with that, is that a lot of people have experience with programming, but difficulty in creating their own art, so often times the only way to be able to use their creativity is to use assets that are already given to them… Others like a game so much that they want to bring it up to speed a la AM2R… But Nintendo doesn’t care… and so long as the drones get their new Mario Party or Smash Bros or whatever it is they like, they don’t care enough to force change with their wallets… and thus, the cycle of console peasantry continues… }{

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||Yes let’s leave these slaves alone to thrive copying and using our property no matter what because they themselves are too primitive to create their own creations…||

              ||Lack of creativity = Primitive and useless, period…||

        2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Said the copycat, you are like them, you copied Nintendo (me) and for the record, I never bought that virus nor even played it at all…||

          ||You slaves are against Nintendo and me, yet all you do is copying us in every area, it’s incredibly pathetic and in some ways amusing of just how much power we have over your minds…||

          1. }{ just to begin with… The concept of copying is in no way related to what I put above… Furthermore, PC does not copy Nintendo… Certainly they built the basis for the industry in the 80’s, let’s give them credit for that… but currently we have far vaster technology, entire genres you couldn’t even fathom a la RTS’s and with rare exception mmorpg’s, not to even begin to mention point and click adventures which have never fared well on console (just to be clear, I am differentiating Pheonix Wright vs your traditional point and click adventure, as those and Professor Layton are, as far as I can tell, are more similar to interactive novels with a few point and clicks mechanics)… Furthermore, while I have always enjoyed Nintendo’s content in the past, the past couple years they have not been lacking just in the hardware department, as shovelware such as Mario tennis, Federation Farce, that awful AC Amiibo thing, Star Fox 0, and Paper Mario Color Splash have been some of the frontrunners in their lineup, as well as not shovelware but still mediocre games such as Paper Jam, Mario Maker (which was cool in concept, but was plagued by endless amounts of terrible levels, only partially justified by some good content)… etc… In case it isn’t clear where I’m going with this, Nintendo has in fact, laid a significant amount of groundwork for the gaming industry as a whole in the past, but recently their software and hardware output has been lackluster at best… To claim we are copying Nintendo in it’s current state is an insult of strength so unfathomable I doubt even you could possibly even begin to comprehend it… My hope is that soon Nintendo will turn around their software output, as they have a wonderful list of IP’s to delve into, but recently they’ve only had a few select hit titles, and given their recently limiting access to 3rd party stuff (another issue that the switch will hopefully fix), I find it astonishing that people find justifications for maintaining loyalty to their brand, at least for the time being… }{

  12. So much shite posting in this thread. Think logicaly for once and grow up! Imagine if Nintendo would praise these project and let them take their donations for their basically copied games. What do that kind of action tell the rest of the world? It basically says “Sure, use our characters, sprites and codes for your own winning”. And then think about what era we are living in now, it has become so much more easy to create games now than way back in the 90s and early millenia. Which would make maybe hundreds, even thousands to “steal” what NINTENDO has worked hard on building up. How do you believe that is fair? Now, the creator of AM2R doesn’t accept donations, which is a good thing. But I don’t remember if the creators of Uranium did.

    I can understand that these developers love these games and want to recreate in their own way. But don’t go and be surprised when it gets requested to be taken down eventually. The experience they’ve gained from doing these projects will serve them well enough anyway that they can use for real original projects.

  13. I think it’s time to share a warning that Taito has given with their games released throughout the world.

    The exclusive rights in and to these video games are owned by their developers/publishers throughout the world. Therefore, such acts as imitating these video games, or manufacturing, selling, leasing or exporting any similar video game, without permission from the developers/publishers is subject to severe penalties.

    Notice that I had to edit the warning in order to include everyone on this subject.

  14. When I heard that Nintendo ordered the devs of AM2R to shut down their project, I was angry and since they are trying to remove AM2R and Pokemon Uranium from that award show. This is fucking censorship of free speech and I have lost total respect of them. There are people who argue that Metroid and Pokemon is their IPs, and they should have the right to remove them and Nintendo is also doing this to preserve their trademarks. And they are right about that. Nintendo fanboys and other people who are defending these practices should ask the question whether or not if it is a good idea for Nintendo removing these fan games. They should also ask if Nintendo’s actions will deteriorate their relationship with their customers and potentially lose sales and profits. To me I think it is dick move for Nintendo removing these games because the fans are not selling their fan-made games and their are game companies who are okay with fan-games existing. It would be another story if the same developers were making a profit off of their fan games. Anyway, I hope that Nintendo’s new console fails like the Wii U because it would be a good lesson for Nintendo staying out of touch with the changing industry, as Reviewtechusa said.

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  18. I figured Nintendo would. Only at Nintendo do they shut down fan made games or fan thrown Nintendo themed parties that are probably only making a couple of bucks, if making any money at all, & act like the people robbed them of millions & millions of bucks. What some of us, if not most, see as good publicity that isn’t harming Nintendo in the long run, Nintendo sees as an attack on their IPs.

    A shame worse games slip through the cracks that Nintendo can’t get to because they were made by someone in China where copyright laws mean jack shit to the populace.

    At the end of the day, Nintendo can do this, even if it is morally fucked up half, if not most, of the time, & carry on with this “MINE!!!” mentality.

  19. Here is a better one. This is Nintendo chasing after every single fan made game, even the ones that are doing no harm to Nintendo or it’s IPs. The seagulls are Nintendo’s corporate assholes & the pelican is the fan that just wanted to update a timeless classic since Nintendo is too busy making shitty games like amiibo Festival or FedshitForce.

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