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Bethesda’s Todd Howard Talks Nintendo Switch And Skyrim

Newly launched gaming publication Glixel recently had the opportunity to speak to Bethesda’s Todd Howard about the Nintendo Switch and the Skyrim demo we saw running in the promotional unveiling video. Howard says he is a big fan of the console and that they will certainly be supporting the console with their upcoming content.

What do you think of the Switch, Nintendo’s newly announced console that is portable but also hooks up to your TV?
I love it. I got to play it. I will tell you – well, maybe that’s an N.D.A. thing. One of the best demos I’ve ever seen. Probably the best demo I’ve ever seen. At E3.

Was it a Nintendo game?

I mean the device itself. I think it’s really smart what they’re doing. We’re definitely going to be supporting it. It’s the first time we’ve done something on Nintendo. If you don’t count the old NES stuff. Home Alone. Or Where’s Waldo?

Can you really bring Skyrim with you on the go?
It’s the same game on the TV and on the other screen.



      1. It took me just over 20 hours to complete the campaign. It really wasn’t that short. Yea, you could complete it faster, and god knows speed runners can haul ass. But if it’s your first playthrough and you take your time and find all the secrets its actually a nice lengthy campaign.

    1. DOOM is insanely graphically intensive, not to mention brutal. Remember, this is still Nintendo we’re talking about here.

      1. I’m sure Doom can run on the Switch. The PS4 is a two year old console. Not to mention the years it took to develop the system. It’s old tech, and even an average gaming PC puts the PS4 to shame. I’m certain the Switch can run anything the vanilla PS4 can run.

        1. I’m sure switch will be able to easily run Doom like you’ve stated. As well, Dishonored or any other ps4 title for that matter. If it can’t, then we have Wii u part 2. Surely Nintendo has learned something this time around. They need third party support badly. Third party support was a huge reason why the SNES succeed so well

    1. Calling it now!!…Metroid will be made by Bethesda/nintendo. Just likemwhat Nintendo did with Dynasty Warroirs and Team Ninja with the wiiU, and also Plantium.

  1. Definitely sounds like they’ve got at least another game coming down the line. I hope the Skyrim port is good quality and rewards them with a decent profit too

  2. So far it seems that people within the industry are genuinely pleased and excited about the device. It’s not like they are just going through the motions and saying nice things. I would be excited regardless but it is cool to see people like Todd Howard expressing good vibes about the Switch.

  3. “At E3” :D
    Someone at Nintendo: We invite them one by one or what ?
    Another one at Nintendo: No, we will let someone else do that for us, lol.

    1. I’m still triggered Nintendo kept us in the dark so long. Microsoft and Sony probably aren’t going to copy them because their fans would go apesh*t, but I still remember echoes of the codename “NX”.
      Reminds me of “Project Revolution” AKA the “Wii”.

  4. So Skyrim Remastered Editon is confirmed for the Switch huh? That a boy Bethesda…..I’m really hoping Nintendo advertises the hell of your game so it can sell decently

  5. This is really good news for Nintendo and the Switch. Elder Scrolls 6 has to be right around the corner. (probably announced next E3) If Bethesda releases it on the Switch that would be huge for Nintendo. There would actually be a reason to buy Elder Scrolls on the Switch instead of the PS4 and Xbox. I know I would anyways.

  6. Right let me get this right. You can play the exact same game on the go (skyrim or any other game). That’s all well and good and all. But why hasn’t anyone asked about the switch ONLINE on the go! How will that work?

  7. It’s a good thing some of you guys are hyped. All we need is for u guys to support this system and we wont need to look back in the rearview mirror.

  8. You say WiFi. Yes you can at home but, on the go out side? None of you can answer the question with a proper answer.

    1. Most likely only online through WiFi Hotspots or any other WiFi you can pick up. Pretty similar to 3ds and Vita. Not sure how else anyone can play online without WiFi. If no WiFi then no online. :-)

  9. So it looks like it’s coming to the Switch for sure.

    One thing though, isn’t the PS4/XBONE version coming sooner? It makes me wonder if the appeal of Skyrim on the go will be enough for people to decide to wait until the Switch’s launch.

    1. I own the Ps4 and ps3 versions. Unlikely I will buy it again for switch. It will only appeal to those who have the original or have never played it. I suppose some may buy it yet again for on the go.

    2. Sadly, there will be many that won’t know about it coming to Switch because of some stupid NDA that says they can’t reveal what games they have going to Switch til on or after January 12th. Oh & the Skyrim remaster released back in late October, just so y’know. So no, not coming sooner as it’s already out & has been so for a good month now.

  10. Are people really asking about online outside? Do you not know how the internet works?
    It will have a wifi card in it and you can connect and play that work, but otherwise no. The internet isnt free. This isnt like PSN or Xbox Live where you pay a monthly fee so they can make contracts with ISPs and charge you an arm and a leg so you can play splatoon while you are camping. If you really need online just turn your phone into a mobile hotspot.

  11. Hopefully it sells well on the switch so we get the next elder scrolls game on it! I’m personally going to buy skyrim AGAIN just for the novelty of playing it on a nintendo console! Though it’s a shame there probably won;t be any mods for it.

  12. About time Bethesda gets on board besides Home Alone on the NES. Let’s get some core titles from you guys now

  13. Is it possible that they have Skyrim and Zelda BOTW both ready for launch but see them in competition of each other, so they are delaying Zelda so as to not dampen Bethseda’s sales?? It’s the first time since the NES that they’ve put a game on Nintendo hardware, I would think Nintendo would want them to be successful to secure future support

    1. Hopefully you’re right. I just hope skyrim sells well so we get elder scrolls 6 on the switch. I’m going to do my part and buy it day one!

  14. Someone already beat me to it, huh…
    Skyrim confirmed for Switch pretty much. I have no clue if Bethesda’s gonna bring another title like Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, or DOOM to the Switch. Time will tell though. I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited to see Skyrim’s sales before continuing anything on the platform. Just to be sure.

  15. If this is coming to the Switch, fuck the god damn NDA! People need to know about this NOW so anyone intending to get a Switch will not get this game for the PS4 they already have! For once, the NDA is only screwing you over, Nintendo!

    1. So Skyrim Remaster released in October, eh? Well good luck to the Switch version as the PS4, Xbone, & PC versions have a good 5 month head start.

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