Scarlett Johansson Said Her Favorite Video Game Is Mario Kart & Her Favorite Character Is Toad

IGN recently conducted an interview with Scarlett Johansson, where she answered 10 “nerdy questions”. One of the questions was her favorite video game, and she responded by saying that it is Mario Kart. Although she never revealed which Mario Kart title in particular is her favorite, she did reveal her favorite character, which is Toad. She gave a very simple reason for her choice, saying that “he’s so cute”.



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    1. But DC comics is like Nintendo, both were pioneers in their respective field and nowadays are seen as underdogs due to their overrated rivals (marvel, Sony and Microsoft).

      DC is doing a phenomenal job with the rebirth initiative, Nintendo should take note about it, marvel has been doing shit trying to shoehorn the overrated cinematic universe into the comics.

      1. ||Inevitability is our essence, the other 2 corrupt forces can go all in with whatever they want, their days are numbered while ours will just begin…||

      2. I mean I wouldn’t call DC’s “rebirth initiative” phenomenal (*cough* Batman V Superman *cough* Suicide Squad *cough*), and they definitely were just trying to cash in on Marvel’s success with Batman V Superman, but hopefully that was just a minor hiccup…

        1. Dc’s rebirth initiative is what they are doing in comings, throwing away that shit known as new 52 and embracing what made their characters so beloved in the first place, read green arrow, superman, titans, teen titans and see how it has been a “back to basics”…also freaking post-crisis John Byrne’s superman FTW, BvS was mediocre at best, i have not watched suicide squad.

          The Thor movies are Marvel’s worst, i stopped watching avengers after that galaga joke (so cringeworthy).

          I was talking about comics, the DNA of that company, marvel can be the cashcow of superheroes’ movies but what they are doing to their comics is a crime!
          Just look what they did to the fantastic four (the comic), trying to replacir the x-men with the inhumans, changing genders of their characters and doing pointless events to promote movies.

          DC is no saint, their biggest problems with the movies are Zack Snyder’s “vision”, those blind WB executives and their devotion to frank Miller and the Nolan trilogy. Hopefully Geoff Johns will fix some of that stuff.

          1. Yep, I missed the DC *Comics* part in your original comment. I was mostly talking about the movie side of things, but I’m not the most knowledgeable in comic books to be able to really agree or disagree with your opinions on Marvel comics and DC comics just to be honest. From the little bits I’ve heard here and there however, it does seem like the comics side of DC is still going very strong, while Marvel has been making quite a few stupid decisions.

            1. No problem. DC has been kicking asses with rebirth, also they announced the season 3 of young justice (best cartoon since justice league). It is weird to run into somebody in this website who doesn’t insult others, thanks.

              My point is that if DC acknowledged their mistakes (at least in comic books) and tried to fix things and give the fans what was missed (so far has been accepted), then Nintendo should do the same…after all both have their own Trinity:

              Nintendo: Super Mario, Link and Samus

              DC: Superman, batman and wonder woman

              1. If there’s a Nintendo Trinity, I would say either Pokemon or Kirby would be alongside Mario and Zelda.

                Both Pokemon and Kirby have enjoyed better sales numbers and influence than Metroid has.

                1. Batman and superman enjoy better sales than wonder woman, yet she is culturally relevant. it is like mario, zelda and metroid, those three franchises like the DC trinity inspired lots of game creators.

                  Just look how many indie developers are inspired by metroid more than any other game, yes, kirby and especially pokemon sells better than metroid but Metroid (despiste Nintendo not ackanowledging it) is still relevant for the gaming community.

                  Instead of kirby i’d add Donley Kong which sells better than kirby.

                2. What anon said about Metroid. Metroid was the pioneer for female heroes in video games so it’s definitely part of the Holy Trinity of Nintendo for many.

      3. I think the problem is that most people only care about the movies instead of the comics, which Marvel excels at. Trying to get into the comics and knowing what’s going on can be difficult, and inconvenient if you don’t know where to look for them.

        1. The casual public only cares for movies, as a die hard old school marvel fan i felt betrayed. They should use movies to introduce the comic canon, i can’t stand how both companies (marvel and DC) change everything:
          that lame doomsday origin, Tony Stark being the creator of ultron and ultron’s personality, the origin of the hulk and batman being older than the other heroes (although this last one could add logic to the Robin he has trained over the years especially his son in the cinematic universe) and superman’s attitude.

  1. I use toad too but people are wrong to say he is the fastest. He is pretty slow actually but he has really good controls and drifts like a mother facker. I pretty much always try to get coins to speed me up a bit (mk8). Also, Scarlett Johansson is so fine 😍

  2. So today is Scarlett’s birthday and today is also Mark Ruffalo’s (The guy who plays the Hulk in the Avengers) birthday. I thought that was kind of weird lol

  3. On the subject of Toad being a fast racer, he was definitely one of the fastest in the original Mario Kart game. In fact, he was always the NPC to cause you the most trouble when doing races. If he wasn’t passing you in the race, he was nailing you every few minutes with a damn item which screwed you over way too often. It almost makes his old sprite with what looks like Toad flipping you off all the more fucked up! lol

    1. As for Scarlet… Mmm… @.@ I remember the days when she was… not as well endowed as she is now. lol

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