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UK: GAME Announces Midnight Openings For Pokémon Sun & Moon

If you haven’t already pre-ordered Pokémon Sun & Moon from Amazon or the Nintendo UK Store and want to get hold of a copy at launch then you are still in luck. UK retailer GAME has announced that it plans a midnight opening at a number of its stores on November 22nd. You can check out the full list of stores participating, right here.

Thanks to Martin for the tip!



  1. Small issue: the link doesn’t take you to a list of places performing the midnight launch, merely a list of every UK store and a link to their Twitter page where must ask the store directly. All well and good unless you do not possess a Twitter account, and nobody who has an account has bothered to ask. As such, the question is left unanswered.

  2. As Russel says, this is nonsense. Game have issued no such statement. They rarely do midnight launches anymore unless it’s for the massive sellers. Namely GTA, Fifa and CoD.

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