Europe: Bandai Namco Files 5 New Trademarks

Publisher and developer Bandai Namco has filed five new trademarks in Europe. Two of the new trademarks are Pac-Man related while the others are Skies Unknown, The Precious 12 and Fortune Gears. None of these games have been announced by the company as of yet, but obviously an announcement must be due soon.

  • Pac-Man Cash Rush
  • Pac-Man & Leprechaun
  • The Precious 12
  • Fortune Gears
  • Skies Unknown



    1. I pictured a cgi pacman running around with the actor that played in those Leprechaun films. This works too. Haha

  1. I’m struggling to think of how Pac-Man characters can be used outside of a black box with tasty dots.

    Then again, no-one would have guessed that an Italian plumber from Brooklyn would end up wearing a Tanooki suit in a mushroom kingdom…

  2. The Precious 12 & Skies Unknown sound like they’d be awesome AAA console games if done right! The Precious 12 even sounds like a good name for a movie, too! The rest definitely sound like names for fucking mobile games, though.

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