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LEGO City Undercover Port Coming To Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, And PC

Warner Bros has surprisingly announced that the well-recieved LEGO City Undercover will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this spring. The game would appear to be an enhanced port of the Wii U game which launched way back in 2012.

Thank to all those who sent this in.

32 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Port Coming To Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, And PC”

    1. The only ports will be of the huge/popular games that aren’t meant to show what the GamePad can do too much, so games like Star Fox Zero, Nintendoland and Super Mario 3D World will not be rereleased. And the games that used the GamePad will arguably be worse on the newer consoles if they already ran fine on the Wii U (LEGO City Undercover is probably one of them).

      1. Um… how exactly would you say 3d world made use of the gamepad? Besides having to blow into the microphone to raise and lower specific platforms, it didnt use the gamepad at all… wtf are you talking about brah?

    2. I feel like people are unnecessarily beating up on ports coming to the Switch. The Switch is Nintendo’s “redo” of sorts, and by doing this they’ll be bringing in a ton of new console owners who never bothered to give the Wii U a chance.

      You feel ripped off by buying a Wii U? That was your choice, and you got to play these games years/months before anyone who will start on the Switch. You still have the games, no one is forcing you to repurchase them.

      Nintendo needs to come out swinging. Having 2 measly “true Switch” titles doesn’t at all compare to a carpet bomb of AAA and 1st party homeruns, regardless whether of not you’ve seen them before. Nintendo is trying to reintroduce themselves to a crowd that long forgot them. This helps, trust me. Not everything that is done is done for YOU personally, even if you’re a customer of the product.

          1. The lulzyimbecile should stay away from this blog, don’t feed him, if you want to do it, then do it in youtube. We don’t need idiots like him here.

  1. Correction: the game came out in 2013, March more exactly. It was probably the only memorable and good exclusive outside of launch games until Pikmin 3 launched in summer.

  2. Awesome!
    I’ll probably give it another shot (on Switch, hopefully!).
    I haven’t finished it on Wii U and I almost bought the 3DS version because I wish I could play it on the go (even though the experiences ain’t quite the same).

    Now, with the Switch, problem solved!

    1. Like Mario Maker, the game is better on Wii U unfortunately. I played the 3DS one and 100% at like 27 hours. Where on Wii U I was over 50 hours and like only 60%. There was so much more to do in the Wii U version.

        1. By the way, bayonetta 2 didn’t sell one million of copies vgchartz was wrong like always!, now they are saying that it sold 754.000 units.

  3. Let’s hope the inevitable sequel this game gets doesn’t end up like Epic Mickey 2. The first one was a masterpiece but the sequel was just terrible. Speaking of, I hope Oswald the Rabbit appears in Kingdom Hearts 3 in some form or fashion!

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