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It Looks Like Nintendo Is Targeting Erotic Zelda Fan-Art

It looks like Nintendo might be cracking down on erotic fan-art based on The Legend of Zelda series. According to a NeoGAF user, several artists have received DMCA takedown notices on their erotic fan-art. They seem to believe it has something to do with the upcoming release of Breath of the Wild, Nintendo trying to ensure their brand remains family friendly.

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57 thoughts on “It Looks Like Nintendo Is Targeting Erotic Zelda Fan-Art”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Most likely a shape-shifting fraud that pretends to work for Nintendo…||

    ||This isn’t the first time either concerning primitive sexual rituals being portrayed by you humans and these unknown DMCA threats…||

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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  2. Now this is going a bit too far. You have to intentionally look for this stuff to find it. Forget family friendly, if kids are looking up Zelda porn that’s something their parents need to get involved with. The option to block websites is there for a reason.

      1. What will we ever do!? Surely someone can create a safe search option for Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc search engines that block links to stuff kids shouldn’t be seeing!? OH WAIT!!! They already have that!! I’m sorry but any defending of this is ridiculous and anyone doing it is stupid. If you weren’t defending, ignore the insult part as it wasn’t directed at you.

  3. DA has a heavy Nintendo ecchi fan base. Waifu posts are the foundation of Palutena and Zero Suit Samus. Nintendo is more and more becoming their worst enemy.

    If Sega is cool with inflating Sonic recolor porn, I think Nintendo can deal with sexualized Hylians.

  4. What a pathetic attempt! How is erotic fan-art a threat to the franchise?! It’s not like a child will stumble upon a naked Link and never buy a Zelda game again. You’re only going to anger some fans and ridicule yourself with such an unintelligent move.

  5. To each their own but I don’t understand why people make this images anyway. Someone said you have to look for this to find it but it’s not really the case. I’ve done a search for Laura Matsuda colors (from Street Fighter) and looked at Google images and found some wank things before….

    1. And out of curiousity… *looks up Laura Matsuda colors* …….. Well I scrolled down a bit & didn’t come across anything that isn’t safe for kids to see & I got safe search off. I’d probably find something eventually but it’s cold and I should get to bed soon. So off to wrap up some things then off I go.

  6. You could probably just ignore the takedown notice and be you’ll be fine. They’re most likely just automated or done by some intern or something. I doubt Nintendo proper has the time or patience to actually track down each person who has the sheer amount of time to make that kind of art.

  7. Wait, why the hell should it anger the fanbase that they can’t make porn? If anything, it’s the game creators who would be angry at this crap.

  8. Good on Nintendo… but I fear for the future… I fear that they may set sights on just normal Fan Art… it’s bad enough fans can’t make their own renditions of games, but simply drawing them (not eroitc, just normal)? If Nintendo shoots that far they will pretty much shoot themselves in the foot- you practically cripple the fan base by removing their right for creative freedom (which won’t happen even if Nintendo straight up says no to any form of fan art)

  9. PFFFT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! my god the stupidity that Nintendo is going to with it’s cease and desists are just ridiculous, if they actually think they can get Zelda porn of the internet then they are extremely delusional and I hope none of these fan artists take Nintendo seriously on this.
    That’s not even going into how this goes against fair use and blah blah blah, Nintendo’s already shown they don’t know the meaning of fair use anyway.

  10. Now they’re digging themselves deeper and directly attacking harmless fair use? Nintendo just keeps getting worse…I’ve never drawn erotic Zelda pics but I think I’ll start just to spite these stupid fuckers.

  11. Well, if they don’t like something is going on with their franchise they have the rights to make something about it, guys. But yeah, it is impossible to stop the internet, lol.

    1. Yeah. They have the rights, too, but I doubt a judge or jury in America or even Japan itself are going to actually side with Nintendo on this. This is one battle that Nintendo WILL lose. After all, America & Japan do make a load of money off of porn & erotic art.

        1. Yep. Even if they could get artists from making new erotic art, it won’t make a dent since the stuff they already put online is forever stuck on there now.

  12. Nobody can stop me from jerking off to Malon with my phimosis smegma penis. Love letting my spermies fly to female link.

  13. I think I saw something like this before.

    Until I know, Nintendo can’t take down erotic fan arts of their IPs because it’s considered parody, and parody is not treated as copyright violations. And also, trying to take down Nintendo lewd art is buying a fight against the whole internet! Since this stuff can be found in a crapload of sites beyond Tumblr.

  14. lol Damn! We better start stocking up on Zelda porn & erotic art while we can! If they are going after erotic fan art, it’s only a matter of time before they target erotic fan fic, nude models cosplaying Zelda characters, Zelda porn videos, etc!

    If Nintendo seriously thinks they stand a chance in hell of winning this battle, I look forward to those fucking imbeciles as they bitch & moan. Then they will know how we fucking feel when they try to screw us over! The shoe’s on the other foot this time, bitches!

    1. as they bitch & moan (pun intended!? lol) when they get abso-fucking-lutely nowhere!* Added some things.

      I think Nintendo bullying people on Miiverse for drawing girls in bikinis or girls with big boobs or very attractive girls is starting to go to their head because now they think they can police everything related to art OUTSIDE of Miiverse!

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