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Japan: Pokémon Sun & Moon Sold Over 1.9 Million Units In First 3 Days Of Sale

Pokémon Sun & Moon was always expected to do well especially on the back of the ultra-successful Pokémon GO. Recent sales figures provided to Serebii state that the latest Pokémon adventure on the Nintendo 3DS sold over 1.9 million units during its first three days of sale in Japan.


  1. The game is fun but there is too much talking of explaining everything. You spend half the time pressing” A “just to shut them up. They have Mr. RESSETE beat. And you know if you shut off Animal Crossing and not saving and turn it back on oh that isnt sweet. They should have put him back as a Assist Trophy for Smash oh that would had been neat.

    1. I never understood why they can’t add in a skip tutorial button in their games. 90% of people know how to play Pokemon, so why force us all to sit through tiresome tutorials? Nintendo and Gamefreak are the biggest offenders of this and it’s absolutely the worst part about their games. They think thier fans are stupid and have no sense. They really should put a little more faith in the intelligence of their fanbase…

      1. Yeah like the more sequals the more tutorials. Pikmin 1 least tutorials, Pikmin 2 more, Pikmin.3 the most.

        So expect Pikmin 4 to be loaded with them.

  2. Probably my favourite main game since B2/W2, definitely waaaay better than X and Y or ORAS. Postgame feels much more expansive too with all the UBs and title defense stuff, so I’m glad it’s getting the sales it deserves.

      1. Did you say “more tough”?

        I haven’t played Moon yet (planning on doing so this Friday), but I was hoping to hear that it will be much more challenging.

  3. The only thing I don’t like is that they didn’t put new Mega Evolutions which was something a lot of us were expecting in this game.

  4. I dont like the wild Pokemon sometimes can call for assistance when you are trying to catch it. And the fact you cant even call out another Pokemon for a double battle.

    Also whats the point of two thugs pretending to being the bad team and yet you only battle one of them and I was hoping for a double battle.

    Also.I perfer to ride my bike. Whats the point of hoping on a pokemon all over the island after you already completed that island?

  5. I love everything in this game, I didn’t finish it yet, but I’m loving it. I’m glad there aren’t bikes anymore and now Pokemon mount.

  6. No bikes whatsoever? Lame. As awesome as riding Pokemon will be, it’d be nice to ride a bike every once & awhile!

    Anyway, while that’s a nice sales number. I’ll be even more impressed when these two games sell better than the DS releases. If not, it seems Pokemon GO didn’t have the effect on Sun & Moon we all thought it would.

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