Here’s Super Mario Sunshine Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

Ever wondered how the beloved GameCube title Super Mario Sunshine would look recreated using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4? Well, wonder no more as talented YouTuber CryZENx has recreated a short portion of the bright and sunny platformer and it looks lovely. Be sure to check out his hard work in the video below.

Thanks to Ellis for the tip!


    1. Lol. You must have read my mind. I came on here to right that exact shit. Nintendo be like “dudes are making better Nintendo games than us? Time to cut his ass dry and take him down.” I call Nintendo the Big N since they act like Nazis. Never giving gamers what they want but bitching when others do it for them. This is why I’m slowly moving away from them and their games. They can’t even make a Zelda right after 4 delays.

      1. This is not a “game”, this is an unfinished tech demo with models made by Nintendo with better polishing and good look, this is already existing work. Wow they sure know to make games better than Nintendo, am I right?

        1. Let me guess, you’re a corporate slave, right? Didn’t they make a better version of Pokémon and it got 1 million downloads until Nintendo did a Nazi Germany money to get it taken down? Didn’t they also do something with super Mario 64 by making the actual game with another better engine. How did that work out? They actually do know how to make better games then Nintendo, hench Nintendo’s idiotic approaches. But it doesn’t matter since it’s Nintendo, right slave?

          1. The people behind “Pokemon Uranium” made money using owned IP, this is not being a “corporate slave”, they are protected by law. Read the DMCA for the first time and atleast try to understand.

            1. Uranium was taken down because of copyright infringement, because Nintendo said it copied their likeness. Originally IP or not, Nintendo plays the same corny games: repeat and recycled their IP, under ship to drive hype, and complain when someone does it better, which is basically everyone. And dudes wonder why they keep loosing money each year and fans. You defending them highlights your cooperation is corporate slavery

                1. They website is down. I wonder why? Cease and desist from the Big N aka big Nazis. And you mad bro?!! Lololol. You’re a corporate slave. Haha haha. I can be on any site I want and not like a compan, sorry if it bothers you I’m not a slave like you. Keep buying you’re recycled virtual games of the same kind.

                2. Funny. You’re dumb ass didn’t comment on the Pokémon Uranium article about them getting turned down for the awards? Oh yeah… It’s because it’s really not an original IP, being as how they got the remove website and game letter from the Big N nazi Nintendo sent them and because they have POKEMON in their fucking name title. Forgot, that calls for not original even though it’s better. Another point for you cooperation corporate slave

                  1. God damn it, if they want to make a fangame, just make it, but don”t use the name of the franchise and everything will be just fine. Stop bothering me, learn how laws work and live your life.

                    1. How am I bothering you if you keep writing back to me and started writing to me first? The game is shit but meanwhile, it had a million downloads in minutes. Meanwhile, Nintendo tries to take games like this down or likeliness games down. Then they have the balls to ask people for money if you do any form of YouTube videos of lets play with their games in it? Lololol. Dudes are dying for money after Wii U failure.

                  2. And by the way, the plot of Pokémon Uranium is a cringeworthy piece of shit, and the creatures designs are tumblr fanart tier of trash.

                    More further, what we see here is not the next Reich as you keep insisting, this is basic and simple business logic. After a loss of intellectual property, any group can claim it as their own. If you let one, two, three games of this endless sea, it will turn into a huge and irreversible snowball. We do not want this to happen, do we?

                    1. Why do you keep writing? And uranium is no different than all the other shit on the Android store or the iOS store, but Nintendo doesn’t go Nazi on that, right? Mainly because they can’t so anything about it despite them using their lawyers to blow the judge to fall in their favorite. Nintendo is just a shell of themselves, and shit like this or forceing out another NES is just clear examples of their failures

                    2. The game is the same thing as the 2D Pokemon games you fucking retarded, they don’t have the rights to copy a game and launch like this, they cannot use another property as their own you mongoloid, they can’t do this, open your tiny little brain and understand this simple concept. I bet you support that fat mercenary and use Steam too, right? Braindead waste of life.

    1. these peole are idiots with one dimentional thinking look at there texture packs for zelda twilight princess
      BOOORRRRING and realistic compleatly destroying the games art direction

      i dont want plastic disney mario why are these people so lacking in any creativity and soul what next mario in long cut scenes and z list storys

      thats playstion mario right there soulless shallow and dumb

      1. Worst selling 3D Mario doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have its fans! I wish they would give it a nice HD facelift too. I know i’d buy it!

        1. The two worst selling 3D Mario games are on two of Nintendo’s worst selling consoles. Neither of the games are bad by any means, they just under-performed due to the platforms they were on being overlooked.

          Of course, that may just be my opinion, but Super Mario Sunshine is probably my favorite 3D Mario game to date (or just a bit behind Super Mario 64).

        2. 5.5×100/21.7=25%


          When comparing software to console sales, 3D World was far more successful than Sunshine, as on average only about 25% of Gamecube owners have Sunshine, while nearly 40% of Wii U owners have 3D World.

          1. Which means that Sunshine is 2-3 million units short from being as successful as 3D World when considering the size of their target audiences.

  1. It certainly looks like an Unreal Engine world… but holy damn that heat blur is WAY too much… the lighting is FAR too overpowering… and the buildings are just textured (as if ripped straight from Sunshine)… now if there was more modeling detail put into them then this would be more impressive…

  2. This looks ugly. It has.. no style or color to it. The original on gamecube looks better than this by comparison of style alone.

    I’m aware this is fan-made, and conceptual. And almost entirely using pre-made assets, being thrown into an engine they weren’t intended for. But damn is it ugly.

  3. I loved Super Mario Sunshine. It had some awesome mechanics and levels and the Delphino Isle theme is one of my favourite tracks in all Mario games. It’s very flawed, but I’ve still got a lot of love for it. That said, this UE4 tech demo loses a lot of it’s charm in my opinion, even if has more HD uncompressed pixels and blur effects.

  4. This guy did an AWESOME job!!! Hands Down!
    Whether Mario Sunshine was the lowest ranked Mario game on the list has yet to be seen in my opinion. & if it was…SO WHAT!

    I guarantee there are millions of fans around the world would love to see an HD REMAKE & SEQUEL AS WELL!!

  5. I’d buy an HD remake of Super Mario Sunshine in a fucking heart beat. Fuck Super Mario Galaxy 3! I want Sunshine HD & a sequel!

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