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Update Attempts To Fix Glitch In Pokémon Sun and Moon’s Online Battles

Pokémon is well known for its multiplayer battling and trading. However, the Pokémon Sun and Moon online battle system has been having some trouble since the game’s launch. To combat the problem, the moves Mememto and Parting Shot have been temporarily banned in the game’s online multiplayer. This is because the Z-Move versions of these attacks have been crashing player’s games if used in this mode. Both moves are quite unique so they must have some specific coding problem. Have you experienced this glitch? Tell us below.



    1. The article says they were temporarily banning the moves, presumably until they add the patch to fix the issue with them that causes crashing. They won’t be banned forever; I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

  1. Hearing all of these issues makes me glad GameFreak pissed me off one too many times over the last 2-3 months which resulted in me canceling my preorder. Not that I’d probably play it since I’m addicted to my PS4 right now even if I did have it right now, anyway. *shrug*

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