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Someone Managed To Beat Pokémon Sun With Just A Magikarp

Lots of Pokémon fans like to find fun and interesting ways to replay their favourite entries to the series. However, this challenge really takes the cake. One Japanese player has managed to complete Pokémon Sun using only a Magikarp. Famously weak, the fish Pokémon is known for its low stats and limited attacks. Got any other amazing Pokémon stories? Tell us below.

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  1. While Magikarp is weak it is somehow classified as God-tier along with Ratatta. I would never attempt it unless I had another copy of Sun.

  2. Well, in this game, the Z-powered Splash actually raises attack by 3 stages, which definitely made this more doable.

    1. Unless you have a Magikarp with great Atk and Spd it can be doable, unless your Magikarp is focused on very high Def and Sp.Def which would take even longer to beat.

    2. The only move that Magikarp knows is Flail, and it’s the only one you need. This is impressive, certainly, but for the player’s patience more than anything else.

      1. Magikarp doesn’t learn Flail until level 30, and even so, you’d need to make it to the Move Deleter so that it can forget Splash and Tackle.

        If this article is solely referring to beating the Elite Four, then yeah, that’s valid.

  3. This is the most unsuspected thing to happen in the Pokemon 20th Aniversary XD Magikarp’s revenge is one of a kind Lol XD

  4. Magikarp can use Z-Splash which is a Z-Move used on Splash. while it still does no damage, it boosts attack by 3 levels

  5. Here’s the translation:

    “Pocket Monster Sun/Moon
    Got into the Hall of Fame with a single Koiking I fished.
    Tonight I’m thinking of eating sushi!”

  6. I once tried to beat a Pokémon game with a team of six Magikarps at level 99. The whole game was very easy with that team, but there was nothing I could do against ghost Pokémon.

  7. Should this disappoint me, or can this kind of thing be done in other pokemon games as well. Im just hoping this is not an indicator of the games difficulty.

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