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Special Nintendo eShop Sale To Take Place For The Game Awards 2016

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Geoff Keighley has announced via Periscope that Nintendo will be holding a special eShop sale on December 1st to coincide with The Game Awards 2016. We don’t know which games will be included within the sale but it’s a safe bet to assume that the discounted games will be ones that have been nominated at the prestigious awards ceremony.

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30 thoughts on “Special Nintendo eShop Sale To Take Place For The Game Awards 2016”

      1. Pseudo doesn’t mean it’s bad just like gimmick doesn’t mean it’s bad just like gimmick doesn’t mean it’s bad. Also black doesn’t mean an ethnic group, it’s that, color, evil, darkness, and death. Most people think all games should be a certain price which the majority of the time the msrp is justifiable, shovel knight’s $15 is justifiable, games like that frozen game with that snowman is not worth $20, it’s worth at least $5.

    1. Considering the price new NES games were when they came out and adjusting for inflation $15 is pretty nice price. And that’s not taking into account that Shovel Knight is just a great game.

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            1. Btw I love Rick and Morty its probably the best cartoon being produced right now. Honestly better than family guy or south park imo and its only been on the air 2 seasons…

              1. I completely agree. It a different type of humor and its a lot more mature as well. I just hate that they take so long to release, but I guess thats what makes them great, that they dont rush them.

  2. Watch it be just as shitty as the Black Friday line up on eShop! :/ But maybe Nintendo will surprise me..? *sigh* Yeah! And I can travel to Mars in the next 3 years…

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